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Transform your underwriting, claims processing, and risk modeling capability with precise geospatial analytics driving your decisions. This is location intelligence, purpose-built for insurance.
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Streamline every step of the process

Up-to-date aerial imagery, comprehensive analytics, geographic information systems (GIS), and artificial intelligence, designed to take your insurance workflow to another level of efficiency.

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Inspect swiftly and remotely

Instant access to property imagery and insights means saving the site trip, easier quoting, and better customer responses. 

Enrich your data models

Insights for roofing, tree overhangs, pools, building footprints, and more. See every angle for more clarity in underwriting and risk assessment.

Fewer and smoother claims

Use date-stamped imagery as your source of truth to speed up the claiming process, or as investigatory proof.

“Up to date and clear with the measuring function that makes it economical to quote on jobs in the country.”

Youi Insurance

“Nearmap is very easy to use and provides wonderfully clear images of properties that is very helpful in my line of work. Brilliant that you can go back over time as I often use this to validate claims.”

QBE Insurance

“The platform opens a whole new world of capabilities, the ongoing AI developments have been a game changer!”

Nearmap Insurance Customer

Go granular with property data

Regularly updated high-res imagery

Explore reliable and contextual aerial images at an extraordinary level of resolution. Giving you to confidence to make calls based on objective reality.

Leave no detail to chance. Get up close with any property using expansive 2D vertical imagery and models, for more educated risk assessment.

Tap into accurate and up-to-date AI and GIS data on everything from roof conditions to damage detection. That’s efficiency, at scale.

Make sense of your world

From intuitive platforms that integrate into your workflow to imagery and insights that enable better decision-making. Whatever you need property intelligence for, there’s a solution.

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Transform your underwriting, claims processing, and risk modeling with accurate property intelligence

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