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Shield your customers

Improve risk selection and rate segmentation, refine underwriting in hail zones, and better protect customers with predictive insights.
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Predict & prevent hail losses

Insurers need tools to mitigate hail risk, one of the costliest and most common sources of claims. The solution is Hail Risk Insights on the Betterview platform, which provides a fusion of structural vulnerability detections and hazard data that creates an accurate understanding of commercial and residential hail risk.Learn about Betterview

Optimize risk selection

With Hail Risk Insights, underwriters can understand hail claim risk on a property-level, selecting good risk while managing or reject bad risk. Hail Vulnerability Scores and Hail Claim Predictors are pre-filed for rating in multiple states, allowing you to price more efficiently and write profitable policies in hail-prone areas.

Automate underwriting decisions

Underwriters have access to the most accurate hail data, including hazard and vulnerability insights, in a software and hail risk map. This allows them to rapidly assess hail risk, flag properties that need an inspection, and straight-through-process solid risks.

Build stronger customer relationships

Hail Risk Insights reveals the exact property attributes contributing to higher claim risk, empowering underwriters or agents to proactively communicate exposure and mitigation steps with the policyholders.

What makes our insights different?

Simplified, intuitive score for streamlined processes

Focus on structural vulnerability and regional hazard

Transparent, actionable data to predict and prevent losses

Understand overall hail claim probability

All-inclusive Hail Claim Predictor

Regional hazard and property-level vulnerability are the key components of understanding overall risk. Hail Claim Predictor combines the FEMA Hail Risk Index (regional hazard) and the Hail Vulnerability Score (property-level vulnerability) and is a single, transparent, and actionable predictor of overall hail claims risk. 

Properties scored as extremely high for hail claim risk are 26x more likely to be damaged in a hail event when compared to extremely low scores.

Indicator of Hail Probability

FEMA Hail Risk Index

The FEMA Hail Risk Index predicts the probability of future hail events based on historical hail data, exposure value, hazard-susceptible zones, and probabilistic modeling. It is a strong and precise indicator of regional hail hazard.

Understand property survivability

Less Vulnerability, More Sustainability

We apply computer vision models to high-quality aerial imagery and identify risk factors that led to hail losses based on a historical claims dataset. These insights are then synthesized into a Hail Vulnerability Score, allowing users to quickly assess a property's vulnerability. 

Filed in more than 9 states

Ready for Rating

Confidently apply hail models to your ratings. We worked with Milliman Appleseed to pre-file our Hail Vulnerability models with over 9 states.

Predict & prevent

Protect your policyholders from hail impact with Hail Risk Insights

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