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Aerial imagery that gives you every detail

Get the complete picture of your world with regularly updated high-resolution images in vivid clarity.
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Stay up-to-date

Know the reality of any space with precise georeferenced images. Refreshed frequently in metro areas, backed by an extensive archive.

See sharper details

A ground sampling distance (GSD) of 4.4–7cm per pixel means images that are consistently clearer than satellites and cheaper than drones.

Share easily

Stream your results via apps, integrate with off-the-shelf GIS and CAD tools, or access through APIs in your own Esri or Autodesk platform.

Vertical Imagery

Your world from above

High resolution

Be better informed with more accurate and detailed imagery.

With 87% of the U.S. population covered, your market is available in high-resolution.

Understand what’s changed and when with historical views.

Panoramic & oblique

New perspectives, smarter decisions


Explore locations from different directions and easily capture dimensions.

Pan, zoom, and discover an area in 360° — all from your chair. 

Explore your world in 3D with powerful visualization models.


See the unseen

Discover a whole new layer of hidden information to bolster your environmental monitoring and urban planning. Identify and analyze vegetation or wetlands, assess crop health, and countless other applications.

Artificial intelligence

Lighten your load

Access current AI-derived datasets to examine essential property features like tree overhang, roof type, materials, and surfaces all without leaving your desk. Make risk and condition assessments easier and more efficient.


Think quick. Act fast.

From wildfires to floods, earthquakes to hurricanes, get a first look at the aftermath when weather events or disasters strike. With these insights, you can quickly assess damage and respond in the best way possible.

“Sometimes, Nearmap removes the need to visit a site entirely. If we do walk a site, we can collaborate on the same project as a team and publish updates.”

Dave Walters, GIS manager, CBBEL – Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.testimony-logoRead Customer Story

“If I wanted to do a single design for every home in the United States, it would take me over 2,200 years.”

Bardia Andalib, CEO and Co-Founder, Aerialytictestimony-logoView Customer Story

“Nearmap imagery is one source of truth that allows us to understand many attributes about a property that standard data sources may not catch. Recent imagery from Nearmap allows us to review the insights against the analytics and truly understand the property’s condition.”

Adam Sturt, SVP of Data and Analytics, Kin Insurancetestimony-logoView Customer Story

Shape your world

Turn imagery and insights into answers that drive better outcomes for your business, project, or plans.

Urban planning

Plan expansion with unmatched bird’s-eye detail. Take your architectural concepts up a tier with city-wide 3D mesh. And tap into AI predictions for urban growth.

Environmental impact

Protect and safeguard the world around us with models to track landscape evolution, plus AI tech that analyzes all kinds of changes to the environment.


Streamline and strengthen your engineering or construction project with tilted, multi-angle views, and advanced digital terrain modeling that shows the land without the buildings.

Emergency response

Manage disasters, remotely assess damages,  and use AI-derived data to give response and recovery efforts every resource they need.

Real estate & insurance

High-res aerial imagery gives you all the property analytics you could ask for. AI generates deeper insights for more accurate valuations and risk assessments.

Agriculture & land use

Work the land with confidence. Know the exact state of your agriculture and vegetation with near-infrared imagery, and classify land easily with AI data.

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