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Sharper aerial views, clearer insights

Tap into market-leading location intelligence through top-down, high-resolution Vertical imagery to uncover new perspectives that empower smarter, more accurate decisions.
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High resolution

Don’t miss details. Work with high-resolution vertical imagery with a ground sampling distance resolution of 4.4"–7" per pixel: sharper than satellite, less costly than drone.

Frequently updated

Stay up to date with accurate georeferenced aerial imagery captured multiple times a year for a current view, and work retrospectively with a comprehensive historic library.

Easily shareable

Stream top-down aerial imagery through apps or integrate with GIS platforms like ArcGIS Pro, CAD tools, and more via APIs.


See more with a high- resolution aerial view

Work smarter with Vertical aerial imagery, captured and processed by proprietary camera systems and leading technology.

Frequency & Coverage

Stay current with frequent imagery updates

Vertical imagery coverage for 87% of the U.S. population, refreshed up to 3x per year. With a historical survey collection dating back to 2014, you can monitor a decade of change over time.

Measurable ACCURACY

Take the lead with the imagery-plus package

Put our suite of tools to work to easily measure length, width, radius, and area. Export your measurements and text notes from MapBrowser, or use the handy Projects tool to share information with your team.

How to access Vertical imagery

Vertical imagery can be used in our MapBrowser and Betterview applications, exported for use in other software, or accessed via APIs.


Powerful use cases

Explore how your industry uses Vertical imagery to move the needle:


Looking for the tech specs?

Dive into the details and specifications of Nearmap Vertical imagery with detailed documentation in the Help Center.


"We use Nearmap proactively by using passive data and the frequency of the imagery you provide throughout the year to plan for our city."

Kevin Stehle, Business Systems Analysttestimony-logoView Customer Story

Empower decisions with precision

Urban planning

With a high-resolution top-down vertical view, you can manage infrastructure development and planning with greater knowledge and precision for effective results.

Asset Management

Identify and monitor trees and other obstacles in utility corridors to improve maintenance and safety. With precise aerial data, your risk assessments will make a positive impact.


Turn to the leading source of vertical high-res imagery to assess damage, expedite claims, improve underwriting, and reduce costs.

Emergency response

Assess damage quickly with high-resolution imagery, and extract AI data to inform mobilization of disaster response and recovery efforts.

Solar installations

Improve the efficiency and speed of solar plans and quotes by optimizing site selection and rooftop assessments. Design and deliver projects with pinpoint accuracy.

Roofing Results

When you can accurately visualize, measure, and mark up roofs, objects, and vegetation with Vertical imagery, your projects take on a new level of clarity and profit impact.

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