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Expand your location intelligence into the fourth band of aerial imagery with near-infrared for enhanced decision making and analytics.
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View what’s hidden

Nearmap Near-Infrared (NIR) fourth-band imagery reveals hidden features and data on the ground to inform fact-based decisions, saving time and costs of field inspections.

Manage vegetation

NIR-enabled imagery reveals data to help assess growth areas, variability, health, and change over time to vegetation, soil, and moisture.

Monitor change

Track and automate change detection to wetland and soil moisture as part of water resource and wetland health management workflows.

Gain insights beyond the visual spectrum

Nearmap Near-Infrared enables geospatial insights such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Fire Risk, Chlorophyll Index, and False Color Imagery.

Conduct better-informed fire risk assessments

Leverage intelligent vegetation, soil, and moisture detection details with NIR to reveal otherwise hidden details that will help produce more accurate fire risk calculations.

Monitor assets and infrastructure

Keep up to date with annually refreshed insights for environmental conditions as well as the health of vegetation corridors, and ground surface leaks around utility networks and assets.

Leading organizations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

“Nearmap gives us high-resolution imagery 2-3 times a year, it decreases our costs, and reduces our effort to get [drone survey] approvals. It increases our efficiency, which is what we're about here at Walbridge.”

John Jurewicz, Director of Innovation, Walbridgetestimony-logoView Customer Story

“3D data and aerial imagery help us get the most information we need for a project without ever having to go on-site. I can see things that previously required lots of time in the field to understand. It's a much better way of working.”

Justin Racelis, Civil Engineer and BIM Specialist, Stantectestimony-logoView Customer Story

“Every team within our Community Development Department—which includes Community Enhancement and Safety, Public Works, Engineering, Building and Safety, Planning—all use Nearmap on a daily basis.”

Miguel Ramirez-Cornejo, Economic Development Senior Management Analyst, City of Eastvaletestimony-logoView Customer Story

“We use Nearmap proactively by using passive data and the frequency of the imagery you provide throughout the year to plan for our city.”

Kevin Stehle, Business Systems Analysttestimony-logoView Customer Story

What can you do with NIR?


Monitor local area natural resources, vegetation health, and land degradation to boost conservation efforts and manage land sustainably.


Enable more accurate assessments of disaster-affected areas, assisting responders and streamlining rescue operations.

Energy assets

Minimize downtime and improve network reliability by monitoring utility structures and corridors. Understand vegetation condition and growth patterns.

Water resources

Monitor vegetation health around water bodies and reservoirs, including farm dams, to assess condition and keep track of water-level and moisture changes.

City planning

Uncover hidden insights to identify potential areas for development or conservation, tree classification, and analysis of pervious versus impervious surfaces.

AEC & development

Enable project managers to monitor sites, track progress, identify encroachment, and ensure compliance with vegetation coverage targets.

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