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Aerial insights for disaster response

Respond more effectively to natural disasters with ImpactResponse Imagery. Get a clear view of damage through post-catastrophe imagery that enables rapid assessment, response, and recovery planning to help affected personnel get back to their normal lives faster.
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Tue Oct 10 2023
Wed Jan 10 2024


Captured soon after a natural disaster, ImpactResponse imagery provides high-resolution captures for a faster way to assess damage at a wide scale.


Know where to send crews and resources based on accurate post-cat surveys, enabling safer triage.


Help customers and communities by providing quick, accurate damage assessments and recovery.

Stay informed with priority disaster imagery access

When major disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires strike, we take to the skies. ImpactResponse post-catastrophe imagery is captured at a consistent 5–7.5cm GSD, so you can quantify damage with confidence. Subscribers receive priority access as soon as imagery is published.

Damage Classifications AI

Prioritize response with AI damage classification

Damage Classifications AI leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to classify property damage into 5-tier FEMA classifications. This quick and accurate stratification enables you to prioritize responses based on the severity of damage and the urgency of needs.

Damage Detections AI

Understand property damage in an instant

Gain a robust understanding of property damage and help communities recover with a higher degree of accuracy.

Post-disaster insights you can trust

Accurately assess

With ImpactResponse imagery captured at 5.5–7.5cm GSD, you can detect and quantify property damage and take measurements with greater accuracy and certainty.

Gain a greater understanding of the situation on the ground, including obstacles and access issues, to allocate recovery teams and dispatch resources.

Leverage multiple surveys per year back to 2014 to understand key damages

Leading organizations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

“Nearmap imagery and AI extracts, including building footprints, 3D Mesh, and canopy are all being used as part of our recovery.”

Nikki Hart-Brinkley, Owner and Principal GIS Analyst, Green Top Planningtestimony-logo

“Nearmap imagery is one source of truth that allows us to understand many attributes about a property that standard data sources may not catch. Recent imagery from Nearmap allows us to review the insights against the analytics and truly understand the property’s condition.”

Adam Sturt, SVP of Data and Analytics, Kin Insurancetestimony-logo

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