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A new dimension of location intelligence

Elevate your understanding of the world with immersive high-resolution 3D mapping data.
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3D point cloud

Recreate the built environment in dense 3D points.

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3D digital models

Bare-earth and built-environment visuals.

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3D mesh

Contextual renderings of the built environment.

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See what is

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the built environment — in full context — by unlocking three-dimensional insights across the entire capture area.

See what was

Explore a robust historic library of 3D geospatial content to identify changes over time and gain valuable temporal context.

See what can be

3D transforms traditional aerial imagery into an advanced tool capable of taking the built environment and draping it around your project plans.

Government agencies

Digital twin software sets the stage for smarter cities

Reinvent urban planning, emergency operations, and public works projects with the ultimate foundation for digital twin modeling and smart cities.

AEC firms

Modernize visualizations of infrastructure projects

Heighten stakeholder management, infrastructure design, and construction execution with realistic high-resolution 3D geospatial data.

Insurance organizations

Sharper insights for sharper policy decisions

Leverage three-dimensional property views to better inform risk assessment, underwriting, and claims processing.

Service Providers

Bid, plan, and deliver with data-driven certainty

Prospect, manage, and maintain service contracts with high-resolution 3D data for accurate 360-degree site assessment and monitoring.

Leading organizations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

“Nearmap gives us high-resolution imagery 2-3 times a year, it decreases our costs, and reduces our effort to get [drone survey] approvals. It increases our efficiency, which is what we're about here at Walbridge.”

John Jurewicz, Director of Innovation, Walbridgetestimony-logoView Customer Story

“3D data and aerial imagery help us get the most information we need for a project without ever having to go on-site. I can see things that previously required lots of time in the field to understand. It's a much better way of working.”

Justin Racelis, Civil Engineer and BIM Specialist, Stantectestimony-logoView Customer Story

“Nearmap imagery and AI extracts, including building footprints, 3D Mesh, and canopy are all being used as part of our recovery.”

Nikki Hart-Brinkley, Owner and Principal GIS Analyst, Green Top Planningtestimony-logoView Customer Story

“This is a very useful feature as we do our forecasting work, as we can show both the present environment in 3D, thanks to Nearmap, and also the future, based on what we are able to do with ArcGIS Urban.”

Jeff Nutting, Forecast Coordinator, SEMCOGtestimony-logoView Customer Story

How 3D expands your scope


Expedite risk assessment and claims processing with current and historical 3D insights.


Monitor and assess your infrastructure in context with insights from high-resolution 3D.


Monitor taxable changes, community development, and public services.


Use up-to-date 3D models for accurate estimates and efficient project execution.


Enhance site selection and preliminary design with high-resolution 3D topographic data.


Accurately visualize and estimate solar output for installation designs.

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