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Design a sustainable, resilient future

Advanced, accurate, and impactful geospatial data — from high-resolution 2D vertical imagery to expansive 3D content — designed to support a smarter, more secure future.
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Nationwide location intelligence

Captured by patented camera systems, and processed and published in-house, our location intelligence provides the most accurate, hi-res federal government land map, and insight-rich views of communities nationwide. The result: Enhanced location intelligence for more efficient and confident decision-making.

Pixel by pixel precision

360° aerial insights

For comprehensive remote analyses that don’t miss a detail, vertical imagery provides top-down precision while oblique content gives greater perspective with insights across multiple angles.

With 3D mesh, Digital Surface Models, and Digital Elevation Models at a national scale, location intelligence opens up a new dimension of data visualization — empowering government professionals to analyze and plan in the context of reality with crucial elevation data. 

Automate the identification of features including vegetation, building characteristics, construction sites, and solar panels with innovative AI data layers. Now, you can focus on mission-critical tasks while maximizing geospatial data potential.

Remove department silos

Collaborate with ease

Maintain transparency and accelerate decision-making across departments and jurisdictions. Collaborate in the most resource-efficient way with a centralized, enterprise-wide mapping and geospatial data solution.

Plan, build, and monitor infrastructure today that will continue to serve the communities of tomorrow. Ensure environmental compliance, monitor land use changes, track vegetation and waterbody health, and preserve cultural heritage sites with the most accurate, insight-rich view of your projects over time. 


Data-driven resilience

When disasters strike and every second counts, accurate and actionable information is critical. Location intelligence provides federal governments with data and AI-derived damage assessments to support rapid emergency response and inform resilience plans for future events.

"Nearmap makes some very useful and simple GIS tools accessible for non-experts. The quality of aerial imagery and the simplicity of the browser tools make Nearmap a great product."

Federal Government Customer

"Nearmap captures aerial imagery year-round under the best possible conditions, and historical areas, accurately georeferenced to show me truth over time. "

Federal Government Customer
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