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Every insight for your project site

Aerial imagery, 3D data, and a growing set of AI features equip you with the tools to manage, monitor, and share project status — all from a desktop.
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Accurate site surveys

Overcome common challenges and elevate project execution with accurate site intelligence. This means improving your construction mapping, managing risks effectively, and seeing greater results with precise ground truth.

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Current, high-res captures

Continuously updated aerial imagery provides greater precision for preliminary assessments and progress tracking — facilitating better project outcomes. Elevate the accuracy of project planning, execution, and controls to manage timelines and budget constraints.

3D surfaces offer a comprehensive understanding of changing construction landscapes, aiding Project Managers in making confident, informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. See greater efficiency in design execution, minimize rework and change orders, optimize utilization of resources, and reduce overall project costs.

AI can help enhance compliance monitoring and safety standards by readily identifying potential hazards, encroachments, and risks. This supports the safety of your workers by mitigating risks associated with construction stages, traffic patterns, and subcontractor management.

Perfect project execution

The integration of advanced site intelligence optimizes the construction process by enhancing sequence planning and progress tracking. Boost the efficiency of subcontractor management, traffic patterns, construction laydown areas, and more — helping you to perfect your project execution.

"Sometimes, Nearmap removes the need to visit a site entirely. If we do walk a site, we can collaborate on the same project as a team and publish updates."

Dave Walters GIS Manager, CBBELView Customer Story

"3D data and aerial imagery help us get the most information we need for a project without ever having to go on-site. I can see things that previously required lots of time in the field to understand. It's a much better way of working."

Justin Racelis, Civil Engineer and BIM Specialist, StantecView Customer Story

"Nearmap Gives us high-resolution imagery 2-3 times a year, it decreases our costs, and reduces our effort to get [drone survey] approvals. It increases our efficiency, which is what were about here at Wallbridge."

John Jurewicz, Director of Innovation, WalbridgeView Customer Story
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Data-rich imagery and Geospatial AI can help you streamline construction processes, mitigate risks, and elevate safety standards.

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