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Set a new standard for state asset management, disaster response, and more with accurate geospatial imagery, data, and insights that facilitate better collaboration and transparency across departments and agencies.
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Remotely manage your communities

Access true location intelligence to transform asset management, urban planning, emergency response, and more. High-resolution aerial imagery and data enhance your department functions to optimize workflows and realize goals.

Turn insights into action

Efficiently manage assets

Make quicker, more informed asset management decisions with tailored, on-demand aerial content enriched with AI property insights.

Monitor, maintain, protect, and ensure compliance for the natural environment with comprehensive and frequently updated AI vegetation data. Reveal otherwise hidden details like growth areas, variability, health, and change over time.

Create a resilient state

Fast capture, faster relief

The rapid turnaround time of post-catastrophe content enables quicker, safer, and resource-efficient mobilization in the wake of an emergency. Enhance your response with a deep situational awareness gained from continuously updated, remotely accessible, and accurate content — from top-down views to full 3D environments. 

Identify vegetation, surface permeability, and building footprints — and leverage terrain mastery from city-wide 3D, DSM and DEM content. Compare 10+ years of historical pre- and post-catastrophe imagery to model fire and flood risk for your state's infrastructure.

Collaborate across departments

Streamline your steps

Maintain transparency and accelerate decision-making across departments and jurisdictions. Collaborate in the most resource-efficient way with a centralized, enterprise-wide state government map and geospatial data solution that’s intuitive and accessible from anywhere.

Technical and non-technical teams can quickly access imagery in MapBrowser. Meanwhile, GIS teams can integrate post-cat surveys into their preferred third-party application in minutes.

“It is so easy to use and shows great detail of area's being investigated. Love how you can zoom in onto specific spots and use tools to measure property boundaries. BIG plus is being able to look at past images to identify changes.”

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