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Executive Version – 1 April 2020

Business Continuity Measures COVID-19

This document outlines the steps Nearmap is taking to monitor and adapt its business operations in response to COVID-19.

13 March 2020 | Chicago, IL

Business Continuity Measures - COVID-19

Executive Version - 1 April 2020

Current Status

  • Nearmap transitioned to remote and flexible working arrangements throughout the workforce.
  • Delivery and customer support of products and services remain unaffected.
  • Capture programs and content production across ANZ and NA have continued to date.
  • Nearmap and its aerial operator partners are “essential businesses” in both ANZ and US as we continue to support government operations and maintaining critical infrastructure. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving daily on a global scale with associated health, safety, social and economic impacts. It is a time of unprecedented challenge, change and uncertainty for the global community.

Nearmap is continuing to monitor and adapt its business operations in accordance with the guidance from the Australian, NZ and US governments and health departments and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Nearmap has established a COVID-19 response team to review the overall approach to this pandemic, monitor regional and global updates, implement appropriate measures and strategies in response to addressing the risks and impacts of the pandemic, and providing on-going communications to our workforce, partners and customers.

Nearmap has implemented processes and procedures to maintain service continuity and provide its business services as usual across our offices in Australia, NZ and the US. As a cloud-based subscription business we have been well-situated to adapt to the changing environment and circumstances. We have transitioned our workforce to work remotely,  and remain committed to supporting our customers by continuing to provide them with access to our products and services and deliver imagery in line with our global capture programs.



Nearmap’s key priority is the health and safety of its people, partners and customers.

In line with guidance from national health departments Nearmap staff transitioned to working from home across all of our AU and US offices, with the exception of a very few functions requiring office access operating with skeleton staff. Nearmap staff are well positioned to navigate through the challenges of remote working and continue to collaborate and conference heavily with internal and external stakeholders across our global timezones.

Nearmap issues frequent communications through the response team and holds all-staff and department conferences to provide consistent updates from our executives and receive and address staff feedback and questions. Staff are updated with health and hygiene practices as recommended by health authorities above, while Nearmap works with building management on updates to local information and additional cleaning and sanitising procedures.



The situation is evolving rapidly. Nearmap’s response team includes representatives from all of Nearmap’s departments and regions, supporting cross-functional information sharing, discussion and response on a daily basis. We are ready to absorb and adapt as circumstances continue to change.

As a team we are regularly and frequently monitoring many sources of information that inform our response to our staff and operations. We realise how important communications are at this time – to our staff, our partners and suppliers and our customers. Nearmap provides information about our COVID-19 response on our website. Any changes in response to evolving events will be updated within 24 hours. We will directly communicate any changes that might eventuate that more seriously impact our customers.



Nearmap’s critical business operations include the continuous delivery of our cloud-based products and services and content capture and production. To date our operations have been unaffected.


All of Nearmap’s production services - MapBrowser, APIs and Admin portal are hosted on cloud services. The Technology team has conducted a review of its IT infrastructure, and there are no major risks to these services or technology functions and we are not aware of any impact to customers. With regards to cloud service availability, see third party providers below.


Our technology team continues to respond to any major / critical alerts that impact production services as per normal process and policies. Any ongoing issues or incidents will be updated using our standard process on


All Nearmap teams including technology and operations are able to and can continue to work from home without severe disruptions or interruptions. We support flexible working arrangements and are able to work remotely and in a secure fashion, ensuring technological capabilities can be delivered without disruptions. 


Nearmap receive frequent updates from our critical third-party cloud service providers and regularly review the advice provided by them in relation to their service availability. Currently, there are no known impacts to Nearmap and we maintain open lines of communication to ensure notification and escalation should the situation change.


The support team, as with the wider Nearmap organisation, is set up to work remotely and to continue to support our customers. This requirement will not affect our ability to offer assistance and support to our customers. Our customers should expect to receive the same high levels of assistance from the support team as they have come to expect. We still aim to respond to all customer queries within one to two business days.



Nearmap and its aerial operator partners are “essential businesses” in both ANZ and US as we continue to support government operations and maintaining critical infrastructure. Nearmap’s ANZ and North American capture programs have continued unhindered to date. Nearmap Flight Operations work and communicate daily with our expert and long-standing aerial operator partners, working with air traffic control and airport authorities large and small across our capture programs, from office or home. We are working together to monitor the evolving situation on a state and regional basis, ensuring we understand relevant details and are ready to address or respond to potential service impacts. We have not yet been impacted by state border restrictions in Australia or US and are identifying the potential risks and appropriate measures necessary to mitigate such risks. 


Nearmap’s content production continues unhindered to date. Nearmap content processing uses cloud services, allowing our global processing team to work together across timezones from home or office. Rostered staff are available to carry out any of our content media management processes where site access is required.