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Streamline insights for water utility mapping

Plan, maintain, mitigate risk, and respond to disruptions with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency using comprehensive GIS mapping for water utilities.
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Data-driven water excellence

Data-rich location intelligence designed to help you deliver safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible services to your communities.

Plan networks with precision

Water distribution decisions backed by data

Reduce inefficiencies and cut costs as you build, monitor, and maintain your network with accurate plans informed by high-resolution aerial imagery and data.

Fast-track decision-making and reduce operational risk within your catchment area using city-wide 3D mesh, digital surface models, and point clouds.

Smarter asset management

The cost-cutting way to monitor assets

Maintain an accurate inventory of infrastructure placement and condition, from dams and catchments to pipelines and treatment plants — without having to go onsite.

Proactively identify potential water leaks, erosion, and vegetation encroachment with accurate elevation models and AI-derived feature detection.

Assess water quality and monitor the environmental impact of your assets with ease and accuracy using consistently current location intelligence.

Keep services flowing

Reinforce your network’s resilience

See previous incidents to model future impacts and better inform network resilience and response planning with access to historical, post-catastrophe intelligence.

Provide up-to-date information on water system issues and response times when your customers are relying on you most.

"Having that level of information before you actually do that first site visit is really important; it’s just so revealing, it’s like being on site, it takes it to another level"

Spatial Applications Developer, Sydney WaterRead Customer Story

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Products for water utilities

Empowering water professionals with location intelligence for a sustainable, more efficient future.

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