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Roof condition report with aerial images
Nearmap Roof Condition Assessment

Assess Roof Conditions with Certainty

Transform underwriting decisions by combining AI-enabled insights with human judgement to more accurately determine policy eligibility and risk.

Automatic Roofing Data | Kennar, LA, U.S.

Increase Speed and Accuracy

Enable a multi-lensed approach to underwriting that responds to rising economic and competitive pressures. Nearmap Roof Condition enables your underwriters to instantly and accurately evaluate roof conditions.

Roof condition assessments from aerial views
Roof Assessment Data | Kennewick, WA U.S.

Best-In-Class Information About Roof Conditions

We’ve optimized our one-of-a-kind technology stack, from cameras and processing to AI modeling and feature extraction, to deliver high-quality roof condition assessments backed by industry-leading AI derived data.

Aerial maps for roofing inspections
Roof Condition Assessment

Comprehensive Roof Assessments for Underwriting

The best underwriting decisions are made by combining human judgement with quantitative analytics. Nearmap Roof Condition supports this multi-lensed approach. It is not a black box solution.

Built on Best-in-class Roofing Data

Nearmap Roof Condition includes a robust collection of AI-derived data to more accurately determine eligibility and risk.

Building Footprints

Individual Buildings

Multilpe Buildings

Fidelity Score

Roof Characteristics




Tree Overhang

Building Characteristics

Peak Height

Story Count

Roof Condition




Structural Repair

Temporary Repair

Roof assessments with aerial imagery

Flexible Roof Inspection Workflows

Upgrade your existing algorithms and workflows with Nearmap Roof Condition. Use the API to access live data in CSV to support consistent analysis and timely decision-making.

Chicago birds eye view maps aerial survey

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