Aerial oblique image of fenced housing in North Salt Lake, Utah
Fence Design

Aerial photography MAPS power MODERN FENCE DESIGN

High-res maps are the secret to accurate estimates and winning designs.

Aug 2019 | North Salt Lake , UT

The best aerial view for your fencing business

Mock up preliminary fence designs on clear, current aerial imagery in mere minutes to accurately estimate required material and labor. Updated throughout the year, Nearmap high-res maps increase productivity in ways that even the best satellite view of property simply can't.

Oblique aerial image of suburban fencing in Plymouth, Pennsylvania
Feb 2020 | Plymouth Meeting, PA

Fast, accurate ESTIMATES

Accelerate your company's workflow and deliver more estimates per day, qualifying your clients over the phone with the help of online aerial maps.

Verify project details before you get there, and build your client's trust.

Remotely calculate labor, material, and other costs for efficient planning.

Aerial image of fencing measurements in Mapbrowser, Nashville, Tennessee
Jan 2020 | Nashville, TN


Achieve precision in your measurements for distance, area, height, and more with intuitive web-based tools in MapBrowser.

Select your points of interest and add as many as you need for a project.

Export imagery with saved measurements and text notes for simple team and client communication.

Housing construction and fencing development in Austin, Texas
May 2020 | Austin, TX

Stream location content instantly

Install or maintain fencing confidently with anytime, anywhere access to high resolution aerial imagery.

Plan and present your proposal in the context of stunning aerial property views.

View side-by-side current and historical photos to inspect change on the site over time.

Fencing property surveying aerial image in Willoughby, Ohio
Apr 2020 | Willoughby, OH


Perform virtual site visits with accuracy, saving money for your bottom line.

Increase your team's productivity by keeping the truck parked at the office and getting straight down to business.

Lower your mileage, vehicle expenses, and insurance premiums by getting details online you previsouly had to verify in person.

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Design Fences with Overhead Imagery

Get the top-down view on faster fence design. Nearmap Vertical imagery lets you swiftly measure distance, determine the best placement, and save your design within MapBrowser.

aerial, property, residential, Kellyville, NSW, 2019 April 7
Oblique aerial image of fenced properties in Midlothian, Virginia
Feb 2020 | Midlothian, VA

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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