Insurance aerial images for tornado damage

Hi-Res Imagery and Location Data Across the Policy Lifecycle

Get access to a robust library of best-in-class location content for better risk assessment analysis.

03 March 2020 | Nashville, TN

Nearmap Has You Covered, When You Need it Most

Nearmap provides high-resolution blue and grey sky imagery across over 80 million residential and commercial properties between the U.S. and Canada. Accessing frequently captured aerial content gives insurance providers the insights they need to make critical decisions across the entire policy lifecycle, from underwriting to renewal to claims and post-cat.

Artificial intelligence for insurance risk assessment images in Laguna Beach, CA
01 October 2019 | Laguna Beach, CA

Rich Location Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Access an extensive database of high-resolution aerial content to quickly identify high-risk properties and use historical captures to compare locations to assess change over time. With imagery captured since 2014, you’ll have the latest source of truth to enable confident decision-making.

Nearmap’s aerial content is always on, meaning you have access 24/7 to cloud-based, user friendly data with technical and customer service support staff.

Insurance artificial intelligence imagery and data
21 August 2019 | Bountiful, UT

Power Your Decision-Making With AI

Automate your insight-gathering by using Nearmap AI to quickly identify common features such as roof material/type/square footage, tree overhang, swimming pools, building footprints and more.  Extract reliable information to increase the accuracy of your predictive risk modeling. Score the risk with qualified data to assist in underwriting and pricing. Use valuable insights derived from AI across the entire policy lifecycle. Make confident business decisions in seconds using Nearmap AI.

20 September 2019 | Leonia, NJ
08 June 2020 | Leonia, NJ

Rapidly Respond to Post-Catastrophe Claims

Seeing the impact of major events such as hurricanes, wildfires, and tornados, is critical for developing an understanding of loss and risk. It’s a must-have to manage post-disaster claims.  Nearmap is ready to serve customers with speed and efficiency to help customers get back on their feet.

Nearmap’s post-cat coverage offers rapid access to imagery with 5.6 - 7.5cm (sub 3”) resolution, allowing insurers to confidently inspect and analyze properties quickly for better response time to distressed customers.  Compare historical captures—since 2014—for accurate inspections to assess damage and change.

Visually inspect damage in stunning detail and quantify impacted areas with precise measurement tools.

Historical timelapse aerial imagery insurance assessment
2014 - 2020 | Arvada, CO

Covering You Across the Policy Lifecycle

With a customizable stack of rich location data available to you, from Oblique to 3D, Vertical to AI, you can easily identify quick solutions to support each stage of the policy lifecycle.

With 24/7 access to rich location data, use imagery sets for accurate property insights, remote measurements to reduce in-person inspections, and pre/post event comparisons.

Easily integrate high-res aerial content into GIS applications with Nearmap’s industry leading APIs to generate greater analysis and data visualization. Accurately measure roof area, fence length, driveway slope and more with reliable, frequently updated aerial content.

High-def aerial view of Hurricane Michael damage, Port St. Joe, FL - 12 Oct. 2018
Hurricane Michael Damage | Mexico Beach, FL

Stop Loss Adjustment in its Tracks

After an event, remotely survey impacted areas to assess and identify the scope of damage, prioritize and guide relief efforts, and leverage Nearmap’s robust aerial content to validate the scope of damage and qualify the authenticity of claims.

Nearmap’s aerial imagery is timestamped, giving you precise and accurate information to use in any claim investigation. Nearmap is your reliable partner, ready to support your business now and on into the future with detailed imagery and data you can trust.

Aerial technology insurance webinar by Nearmap NAVIG8 2020
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Overhead photo, rebuilding after wildfire, Santa Rosa CA -- 6 September 2018
06 September 2018 | Santa Rosa, CA

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