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Aerial Image Use Cases, Nearmap Webinars

Investment – the heart of any business. You have the right people, but need more from every working hour. The best aerial view maps help increase productivity far more than even the newest satellite images.

09 March 2020 | Mukilteo, WA

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Browse below, and learn more when you've got time — the next best thing to being there live. Webinar Topics vary by industry, benefit, and even software integrations like Esri ArcGIS.

From the lens to you

(Recorded Webinar)  Learn how Nearmap has refined the art of automatic technology to create the best aerial imagery, delivered straight to your desktop.

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High-res Obliques within ArcGIS: Elevate your project planning with HD imagery

(Recorded Webinar)  Discover how to get started using Nearmap Obliques in ArcGIS with this informative, step-by-step webinar showcasing what oblique imagery can do for you.

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Seeing IS Believing: Using High-Res Aerial Imagery to Boost Productivity

(Recorded Webinar) Looking for ways to boost your project productivity and gain a competitive edge? Discover how with Nearmap—a high-resolution aerial imagery and location intelligence company that allows you to see truth on the ground.

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How 2D Turns Into 3D with HD Aerial Mapping

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how HD aerial mapping can be applied to your GIS analysis with vertical, oblique and 3D location data.

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HD Aerial Imagery Helps Solar Shine

Learn how up-to-date HD aerial imagery can help you with prospecting, quoting, designing, installing and maintaining PV systems.  Attendees of this webinar will be able to qualify solar jobs in real-time, get roof pitch & measurements remotely, create high quality quotes & proposals and save time & money on site visits.

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Location Intelligence: Context is Everything

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how being able to visualize current ground conditions can help you scout locations, attract tenants, and communicate confidently to stakeholders.

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Imagery & Insights: HD Aerial Maps Elevate Project Plans

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how recent innovations in HD aerial imaging is allowing firms to quickly identify ground conditions, improve workflows, and enhance collaboration.

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Esri + Nearmap: Cooking with GIS

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how new forms of high resolution aerial imagery can help you perform deeper analysis and make faster, smarter decisions.

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Faster, Smarter Solar Design Using Aurora & Nearmap

(Recorded Webinar) Commercial and residential solar installers win business faster by qualifying, estimating, and designing PV systems with HD aerial imagery.

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Rapidly Scale Operations with High-Res Imagery

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how new forms of high-res location content help municipal planners and professional contractors rapidly scale operations while reducing costs.

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100% Accurate Solar Design with HD Aerial Imagery

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how solar installers can model roofs and shading factors based on real world conditions with HD aerial imagery.

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Truth on the Ground is Best Seen from the Air

(Recorded Webinar) How aerial imagery is propelling government and commercial organizations to higher levels of operational efficiency.

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On-demand webinar aerial image of Neighborhood Development, Nicholasville, Kentucky
09 March 2020 | Nicholasville, KY

Instant Business Intelligence

Stream high resolution aerial imagery directly to your desktop or mobile device. View and measure with MapBrowser™, or integrate with leading GIS or CAD platforms.

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