Vertical image product of mixed space in Orlando, Florida
Nearmap Vertical

A Clear, Orthographic View of Your Sites

Instantly access current, high resolution aerial imagery of urban areas across the U.S. Get the power of insights without the inconvenience of site visits.

19 April 2020 | Orlando, FL

Make smarter decisions grounded in the truth

Conduct virtual site surveys without leaving the office so you can be everywhere without going anywhere. View seasonal context, target new business, and qualify customers over the phone. Years newer than even the most current satellite imagery, frequently updated aerial imagery gives you the power to make decisions based on reality — without having to be there on the ground.

Vertical product image of Texas State Capitol, Austin
09 May 2020 | Austin, TX

High Fidelity Aerial Imagery

Nearmap Vertical consistently offers 2.2-3" resolution, so you get far better quality than high-resolution satellite images, with the detail you need to make better informed decisions. 


Summerville, SC | 2016 to 2019

Reliable Urban Coverage, Past and Present

View the cities and communities that are home to over 71% of the U.S. population – in other words, your current and potential customers. And with years of historical coverage, you get a deep understanding of change over time. 

Vertical image of suburban housing in Portland, Oregon
20 March 2020 | Portland, OR

Instantly Accessible & Shareable

Search MapBrowser, or integrate our high-res imagery with leading GIS and CAD platforms. It's even possible to integrate with your proprietary GIS application. 

Export georeferenced images, and communicate precise lat/long coordinates with simple URL sharing so your team is literally on the same page.

Mapbrowser measurements on oblique image of Fountain Place Building, Dallas, Texas
16 January 2020 | Dallas, TX

Made to Measure

Quickly determine line length, square footage for multiple areas, and radius — then export imagery from MapBrowser with saved measurements and text annotations. Even better, save your work with the Projects tool so you can communicate clearly with your team.

Oblique aerial image of Belle Isle, Miami Beach, Florida
19 November 2019 | Miami Beach, FA

Shift Perspectives

Within MapBrowser, a simple click of the compass tool lets you switch between orthoimagery and oblique views — top-down, plus what's all around. 

Leaf-Off Aerial Capture, Elk River, MN -- 20 April 2019

Leaf-Off Aerial Imagery

It's a challenge to fly over the right place at the right time in late winter or early spring. Too soon, and you're snowed in; too late, and the trees take over.

Clearly view the roofs, outbuildings, lots, or other features that will shortly dissappear below the spring canopy. Even better, measure remotely and save another site visit with the best online aerial maps.

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High resolution aerial image of Temple in Payson, Utah
Oblique aerial view, Portland, OR construction -- 2 September 2018

Get the Full Picture with Measurable Obliques

View from multiple angles, measure building heights and roof pitch – all remotely.

Discover Measurable Obliques
High resolution aerial image of the Cabrillo Highway, California
18 January 2020 | Pacifica , CA

Truth on the Ground

You need to be on-site without walking every square foot and wasting hours in traffic. Efficiency is the key to rapidly growing your business, and overhead maps make it possible.

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