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Florida solar panel farm assessment

Solar Panel Installation Made Easy with Aerial Mapping

Easily integrate Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery and geospatial data into your workflows to empower solar installation, design, asset management, and more with unparalleled location intelligence.

Jul 2022 | Lake Buena Vista, FL, U.S.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Leverage up-to-date aerial insights to accurately bid, win, and manage solar projects. Nearmap captures over 80% of the U.S. population - with areas surveyed up to three times annually.

DSM shade analysis aerial maps
DSM for Shade Analysis in San Diego, CA, U.S.

Design and Install with Confidence

Choose from Vertical, Oblique, DSM, and True Ortho imagery to give your developers a truly flexible approach for best-in-class solar intelligence output.

HD imagery is key to any solar software because it enables you to do remote site assessments. Instead of sending someone on-site, with HD imagery you can assess the feasibility of a site directly from your office. Most solar software providers will have HD imagery, but some may have limited coverage, so be sure to ask what coverage they have in your target market. Top providers should have Nearmap integrated into their platform.
Aurora Solar

Automation and AI for Solar Solutions

Instant feature extraction supercharges cost savings with minimal manual efforts. Nearmap AI provides a variety of feature extraction layers to fuel the next level of solar intelligence.

Solar roof images for measurement and installs
Solar Panels in River Bend, ON, CA

Visit Sites Virtually

Verify the details of the property and surrounding area of interest without going onsite. Save costs and time while viewing current roof conditions, panel requirements, access points, wiring distances, and more from the comfort of your desk.

Aerial map mobile-ready software measurement tools

Scale Up Solar Solutions Seamlessly

Quickly deploy and accelerate application development with seamless integrations. With Nearmap APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before, serving millions of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Intelligence

  • How does accurate aerial imagery help with solar planning and installation?
    1. Our latest camera systems capture Vertical (orthogonal) imagery with a ground sampling distance (GSD) of 5.6cm (2.2”) and an absolute horizontal accuracy of 19.8cm (7.8”) RMSEr.
    2. In aerial mapping applications, the ground sampling distance (GSD) represents the distance, measured on the ground, between the centers of two adjacent pixels within a digital image. For example, an image with 5cm/pixel GSD means the locations of two consecutive pixels are 5cm apart on the ground.
    3. For more about our accuracy, check out our Help Center.
  • How does artificial intelligence improve solar panel design?

    Nearmap AI is our image and object recognition product which enables you to derive deeper insights of an area or parcel in seconds. Derived from our high-resolution vertical and oblique imagery, you can easily interact with the relevant AI Layers from MapBrowser. Or should you simply want to bring our AI-derived data to your workflow, you can download or use AI Feature API and integrate with your tech stack.

  • Which property features from aerial data are important for solar design?
    • Nearmap AI has been pre-processed at full resolution on our vertical imagery coverage and continues to be processed on every survey we fly from mid-2020 onwards. Historical data available on request. See below our growing list of AI Packs you can choose from:Building footprints
    • Building characteristics (height & story attributes)
    • Roof characteristics (pitch, material, tree overhang)
    • Roof condition (ponding, rusting, structural damage)
    • Roof objects
    • Solar (solar pv, solar hot water)
    • Vegetation (medium & high >2m, leaf-off)

    For a full list of AI Packs and Layers, visit our Help Center.

  • Are there solar integrations and APIs for streamlined workflows?

    If you want to interact programmatically with our data to always get the latest content, you can clip out a small area of our AI vector content using the AI Feature API. With the latest data on a property sized Query AOI typically returned in a few hundred milliseconds, this is ideal for integration into customer facing workflows where seconds matter.

    We also recommend the AI Feature API for enterprise use, where massive throughput is required for regular bulk updates in an automated fashion. To learn more, visit our Help Center.

  • How do the DSM and True Ortho APIs improve mapping for solar?

    If you want to interact programmatically with our data, you can pass through a bounding box, defined by a point and a distance from the point (max 100m distance), using the DSM and True ortho API to retrieve a subset of Nearmap 3D content. This API is designed to work with smaller areas, such as typical residential and small commercial properties.

    For more information, check out our Help Center: DSM and True Ortho API

Solar panel calculator map aerial images
Mi-Wuk Village, CA, U.S.

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