3D aerial map and data of Chicago, IL skyline
Nearmap 3D

Log into the world with on-demand 3D mapping

Immerse yourself in streaming 3D city models in MapBrowser and export 3D maps for analysis in leading GIS and design platforms.

Mar 2020 | Chicago, IL

Enrich your workflow with real-world context

Accessing a new dimension has never been easier. Explore up-to-date 3D inside a lightweight web app with unlimited browsing of our extensive 3D site map coverage — so you can view, measure, and create without boundaries. In just minutes, export a variety of 3D content formats for your area of interest, then import to your preferred GIS or design platform.

Mapbrowser measurements tool on a 3D building render in Chicago, Illinois
Jul 2019 | Chicago, IL

Explore without limits

Get uncapped access to 3D textured mesh online, with smooth pan, zoom, rotate, and tilt. Take height, pitch, and length measurements, and easily switch between 2D and 3D base layers. 

On-demand export of 3D data from MapBrowser - Los Angeles Airport, September 26, 2018
Sep 2018 | Los Angeles, CA, USA

Accelerate planning with fast, easy data export

No more waiting for 3D data! Simply draw a polygon around the area you wish to export, and get your data in a few hours or less. 

3D image render of resort in Miami, Florida
Nov 2019 | Miami, FL

Deep context of your project and beyond

Unprecedented high fidelity content with wide-scale coverage across major urban and regional areas in the U.S. gives you the scope to plan and estimate confidently.

3D product image render of construction in New York City
Feb 2020 | New York City, NY

Work with the latest source of truth

3D data is refreshed at least once a year to ensure you’re viewing credible reality on the ground as your project evolves.

3D image render of Logan Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 2020 | Philadephia, PA

Jump-start your project with a real advantage

Immersive 3D aerial maps let you evaluate and plan your project against the backdrop of reality. 

Visualize your urban planning, engineering, transport, emergency response, and telco jobs in 3D for accurate scenario evaluation, cost estimates, community engagement, and change detection over multi-year projects.

DSM and True Ortho API: 3D data at Scale

Integrated high-resolution DSM and True Ortho from Nearmap is a game-changer for automation projects. Extract structure height and derive building insights at the scale necessary when working with thousands of properties, or reviewing analytics for millions more. 

Nearmap DSM and True Ortho API gives your developers a truly flexible solution, enabling in-house applications to calculate solar irradiance, shadow and roof complexity. It’s ideal for automated solar design and automated property risk assessment. 

Overhead view, Miami Beach, FL -- 10 January 2019 Vertical View, Miami Beach, FL

Vertical Orthography

Nearmap Vertical is our original orthogonal imagery base layer, showing you a crystal-clear, top-down view regularly covering urban areas within the U.S. and Canada.

Measure distance, radius, and area (or aggregate areas), and add custom annotations. Save your work as a project and share your vision with colleagues or customers.

Explore Vertical
High-res 3D reality model of Texas State Capitol building - Oct. 26, 2018


You’ll want to try it for yourself, so here’s a sample dataset in all of our available formats. After all, seeing is believing.

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South oblique view, Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta
Measurable Obliques

Get a reality check with Measurable Obliques

Oblique aerial imagery is the perfect complement to 3D, with accurate 3D area measurements and source photos from multiple directional perspectives. 

Discover Measurable Obliques
3D product image render of LaGuardia Airport, New York
Feb 2020 | Queens, NY

Get the technical details

Find out more about accuracy specs, projections, and data formats in our comprehensive product brief. 

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