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Aerial View Maps Show You Reality — So You Can Reinvent It

Aerial imagery and data insights move location analysis out of the field and into the office, giving businesses the tools to scale quickly and bring their most important initiatives to life.

Feb 2023 | Santa Monica, CA, U.S.

Geospatial Content as a Service for Business and Government Agencies

Since our 2007 founding in Perth, Australia, Nearmap has evolved from a small online startup to become a next-gen digital content leader and aerial technology company. We offer businesses instant access to high-resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D datasets, and integrated geospatial tools.

Every day, Nearmap helps thousands of users conduct virtual site visits for deep, data-driven insights — enabling informed decisions, streamlined operations, and significant cost savings.

Aerial Imagery: Now as Integral to Business as Sticky Notes

Nearmap was founded with one goal: to empower all kinds of businesses and organizations, no matter what size or industry, with reliable aerial data. Up-to-date, richly detailed location information powers projects for our customers across the globe. If we can change the way people view the world, they can profoundly change the way they work.

Built for Business

Whether you’re an individual or an international brand, a GIS engineer or a construction project manager, we believe you should have access to high quality, beautiful, easy-to-use aerial imagery. 

Always Current

We publish fresh imagery of our coverage areas in the cloud multiple times each year, so you always have a current view of what’s really on the ground. 

Quality at Scale

We're continually capturing aerial data across the country. View multiple sites in reliably spectacular detail, across major urban and regional areas.

Insanely Easy to Use

Our cloud-based subscription model means you can access our imagery, along with a full suite of web browser measurement and analysis tools – or integrate with leading GIS and CAD platforms. 

Reveals Our Landscape

We are one of the ten largest aerial survey companies in the world by annual data collection volume, and we offer unprecedented access to detailed visualizations that tell stories through context.

Historically Searchable

Our searchable, imagery archive enables you to view multiple captures for your locations of interest, conduct side-by-side image analysis, and perform advanced change detection.

3D aerial view, Portland OR -- 2 September 2018 3D Textured Mesh, Portland OR
Nearmap Technology

Pushing Boundaries to imagine What's Possible

Bigger, sharper captures

Our patented, airplane-mounted camera systems allow us to cover wide land areas in a short amount of time, while capturing imagery at an extremely high resolution.

The right process

Our photogrammetric processing pipeline enables accuracy, speed, and recency, so the imagery is in your hands and ready to use within a few weeks of capture. 

Always Accessible

Our subscription model means you can always access Nearmap imagery in the cloud, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Whether you’re working with imagery in our MapBrowser web app or integrating with leading GIS and CAD platforms, Nearmap goes where you need to go.

Deep data insights

When combined with machine learning algorithms, our imagery delivers deep insights and automated location intelligence for a wide range of industries.


We're Building Something That Hasn't Been built Before

Give your career some altitude, and learn why Nearmappers view the world differently and are intently focused on delivering the best location intelligence in the world.


Interior view of Nearmap operations, Barangaroo NSW -- 24 May 2018 Aerial Imagery Operations, Barangaroo NSW