Simplify Geospatial Workflows with Nearmap GeoData Link

GIS professionals face an inability to fully distribute GIS data within your organization due to available licenses and resources to build additional custom web applications. Managing the time, cost, and complexity of creating and maintaining custom web applications, as well as provisioning user access, can be difficult with limited budget.

Nearmap GeoData Link helps you increase productivity by fully leveraging your GIS data through a simple, easy to use interface for anyone in your organization to view Nearmap imagery and GIS data. Streamline local government workflows in Public Safety, Emergency Services, Public Works, Transportation, Water, Parks and Rec, Community Development, and more.

See how GeoData Link for Government will help you:

  1. Reinvest in critical GIS projects through licensing savings
  2. Save time with fewer GIS applications to create, manage, and provision.
  3. Increase productivity across your organization by fully leveraging your GIS data