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Shape a Better World with Aerial Intelligence

Dec 2023

Nearmap empowers the world’s change makers with aerial intelligence and solutions needed to get to their tomorrow with a roadmap built on data-driven certainty.

Dec 2023

Tomorrow isn’t determined; it can be manipulated using data — both current and historical. Getting to the best version of tomorrow requires a map to navigate the right path. As with traditional maps, aerial intelligence provides elevated vantage points to help users understand where they want to go and how to get there.
However, the world is continually evolving. That’s why it’s imperative that your aerial intelligence evolves with the changing times. At Nearmap, we proactively capture actionable ground truth at scale. This empowers the world’s change makers with the tools and solutions they need to get to their tomorrow with a roadmap built on data-driven certainty.

Seeing is just the beginning

A top-down view of your livable world is just the beginning of aerial imagery. There are multiple vintages that provide greater insights for more in-depth profiles of areas of interest. Vertical, Panoramic and Oblique surveys make it possible to see a property from every angle. Historical captures allow users to leverage the past (e.g, weather, leaf on/off, water levels) to plan for the future. Further, technological advancements — like 3D and artificial intelligence (AI) — help uncover what would otherwise require ground inspections.
All of these features create what we call aerial intelligence.
True aerial intelligence enables change makers to explore their world at scale, with the same precision and accuracy as if they went onsite — with the added ability to shape the landscape to their needs. Rotate, tilt, and change viewing perspectives to see an area’s every aspect. Ask how tall a building is and get the answer with accurate measurement tools. Discover what an environment would look like without the current landscape of structures and foliage.
This is what’s possible when every dimension of aerial intelligence is synthesized into a central data hub.
Nearmap users are using aerial intelligence to shape their world for the better. From mitigating risk to managing disasters to growing the built environment and creating sustainable communities, the paths to better tomorrows can be found when the right people have the right data.
Here are just some of the things you can do with aerial intelligence.

AI Damage Detection and Assessment

This past August saw communities in Florida’s Big Bend Region wade through the chaos left by Hurricane Idalia. Nearmap captured the damage and provided high-resolution aerial imagery and AI to the insurers in charge of indemnifying impacted residents. These organizations received critical, real-time data, helping them quickly identify severely affected zones and mobilize immediate support for their policyholders.
Within hours of Hurricane Idalia passing through, insurers had access to Nearmap ImpactTriage AI — as well as an analysis of the most directly impacted areas of Keaton Beach, Steinhatchee, and Perry. The results were sobering. In Keaton Beach alone, our AI technology identified over 400 buildings that had suffered some form of damage. Of these, 37 were reduced to rubble, and 237 were severely damaged.
In Steinhatchee, ImpactTriage AI identified more than 120 buildings. Nine were completely destroyed and 73 sustained major damage. The town of Perry looks to be one of the most impacted areas of the storm, with 396 destroyed buildings and 2,852 affected buildings.
Getting aerial intelligence into insurer hands sooner enables these entities to quickly understand the scope of damage and triage resources accordingly.

Disaster Response and Recovery

Understanding the impact is just the start of how organizations use aerial intelligence to combat disasters. The second part is indemnifying those impacted by the event. In Sept. 2022, Nearmap captured images of the billions of dollars of insured damages caused by Hurricane Ian. Many of the impacted properties were inaccessible due to washed-away roads and dangerous conditions — making aerial captures invaluable data sources for knowing who needs help.
Kin Insurance, a licensed Florida provider, used aerial intelligence to process claims for 50% of their claimants, without setting foot on the ground.

"The imagery and data provided by Nearmap before and after the storm allowed us to more accurately predict which homeowners would be impacted by the storm. We were able to meet our customers where they were and provide immediate help and support for their recovery."

Adam Sturt,SVP of Data and Analytics, Kin Insurance
Because of its investment in aerial technology, Kin was prepared to quickly and effectively assess claims and provide the best possible experience for its customers after Hurricane Ian. But Kin is not alone, as insurers and governments nationwide rely on aerial intelligence to accelerate indemnification efforts.

Smarter City Development

The city of Eastvale, CA was losing $73M in revenue, as residents would travel out of the city due to a lack of choice in restaurants and entertainment. Previously relying on aerial maps that could be up to four years old, the city began working with high-resolution, Nearmap imagery.
Integrated with ArcGIS, our up-to-date insights enabled the city to tell an accurate construction story, attracting new businesses that would contribute long-term economic gains to its 73,000-strong population. With only 5% of the city’s land left for development, intelligent site selection and complementary positioning of new businesses would ensure long-term viability.

"It’s powerful for developers and site selectors to see what is actually going on instead of having to figure it out or rely on old imagery. With Nearmap, it’s as good as if they had driven over here themselves."

Miguel Ramirez-Cornejo,Economic Development Senior Management Analyst, City of Eastvale
Attracting new business was part of the drive to reverse the $73M in lost annual revenue as residents left due to lack of choice. The ability to show prospective tenants the state of development in the city — while other maps were still showing vacant lots — helped secure valuable proposals.
In just 12 months, the city realized a $3M financial gain by providing residents with lifestyle, dining, and entertainment facilities that are positioned in prime locations.

Project Prospecting and Management

Traditionally, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects required teams to go onsite to find, propose, and manage projects. That’s no longer the case. Stantec, an international engineering design and professional services firm, uses aerial intelligence to improve their preliminary design and planning workflows.
By leveraging aerial imagery, AEC professionals can readily compare historical and current captures, gaining valuable insights into changes over time. This enables them to identify potential opportunities, evaluate the feasibility of projects, and craft winning proposals — all without the need to go onsite.

"3D data and aerial imagery help us get the most information we need for a project without ever having to go onsite. I can see things that previously required lots of time in the field to understand. It's a much better way of working."

Justin Racelis,Civil Engineer and BIM Specialist, Stantec
Nearmap 3D modeling offers Stantec an immersive backdrop of surrounding environments, enhancing communication with their shareholders and clients. Further, with a diverse stack of location content — Vertical, Oblique and 3D — Stantec can keep projects moving forward, while cutting down on design fees.
The advantages of aerial intelligence enable AEC firms to accurately measure and quote projects, create winning proposals, communicate more effectively with shareholders, and improve the overall experience for internal and external parties — each vital for successful projects.

Scale an Industry

Data is the fuel that propels business growth. Aerial intelligence provides thousands of insights for properties that industries like insurance, government, and commercial leverage to service and build their base. This same data is being used to grow subsections of these industries, with pioneers in solar, roofing, and other property services all turning to tech to help scale their client list.
Aerialytic, a North American solar technology company, is pioneering AI-driven solar design automation. Their software helps solar providers scale their business through the use of AI to automate designs. This allows providers to rapidly deliver accurate installation quotes to prospective customers.

"If I wanted to do a single design for every home in the United States, it would take me over 2,200 years. With Nearmap data and coverage, coupled with our technology, we empower solar professionals to accelerate adoption and growth."

Bardia Andalib,CEO and Co-Founder of Aerialytic
Aerialytic uses advanced Nearmap aerial intelligence to streamline high-resolution renderings for their solar design projects. Details matter in quoting, and Nearmap empowers Aerialytic’s quotes to be as accurate as possible.
Aerialytic not only creates solutions for today. The company is continuously evolving for the needs of tomorrow. The same can be said for Nearmap aerial intelligence as our imagery is proactively captured up to three times a year, with new surveys published within days of being photographed — giving change makers the most accurate insights to inform their actions.
Aerial intelligence is reshaping decision-making in government, AEC, insurance, and tech industries. By providing comprehensive ground truth, insights derived from aerial imagery empower organizations to make informed choices that drive efficiency, optimize workflows, and mitigate risks. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative applications to help shape the future.
Embracing aerial intelligence is not just about gaining a competitive advantage; it is a necessity to keep up with a rapidly changing world. You’ve seen how various industries are using aerial intelligence to shape their livable world. How will you use aerial intelligence to build your best tomorrow?
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