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Combining multiple geospatial datasets into workable solutions, location intelligence provides deep insights that can help you make smarter decisions for a more sustainable future.
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What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence is the combination of insights from multiple information sources – including geographic, social, and environmental – which contribute to a comprehensive overview of a mapped location.

Data and answers

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Searching a location on a map will reveal its proximity in relation to surrounding natural features and infrastructure, potential environmental factors, and its comparative scale. Geospatial technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can combine and analyze multiple layers of geospatial insights to provide a more comprehensive picture: location intelligence.

Embedded in specialized online aerial maps, geospatial data provides location intelligence insights, allowing businesses and governments to conduct deep analyses and make meaningful decisions. Data includes elevation, surface type (such as permeable and non-permeable), vegetation cover, utility networks, transport, economic factors, and social demographics.

Application of location intelligence

Real-world benefits

Insights derived from location intelligence can provide data for better decision-making in many sectors, including infrastructure modeling, construction, utility networks, insurance, environmental management, development planning, council management, community safety, government administration, and disaster response.

Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery — comprising vertical top-down (2D), panorama, oblique (multiple angles), and 3D content — is enhanced with insights including AI data, digital surface models (DSM), and digital elevation models (DEM). Nearmap content can be accessed directly via the MapBrowser web app or integrated using APIs within GIS platforms.

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