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Reflecting on our natural world with aerial images

Jan 2022

2020 natural disaster aerial photos captured directly after hurricanes and wildfires in California and Louisiana.

Jan 2022

What did 2020 teach you? For many of us, 2020 provided the opportunity to appreciate the world we live in as we found new ways to explore. But as we all continue to navigate unexpected change in our lives, gaining insight into the truth around us is crucial in order to move forward.
Not only do we continue to navigate a global health crisis, the United States alone experienced a record breaking disaster season, and Nearmap was there to capture the most significant of events.
From northern California to Louisiana, wildfires and hurricanes have taken a toll on our communities — and our natural world. These events continue to show us that we must learn to embrace unexpected change as our climate and environment shift.
Beyond that, they’ve taught us that we can stay prepared. And we can recover.
Aerial image technology solutions from Nearmap have played a key role in shaping the real-world truth following many of these extraordinary natural events — including images of Hurricane Laura and the California wildfires — because uncovering real-world truth is what we do. Wherever the year takes you, whether you’re at your office or working remotely, you can access this truth with ease, and continue to keep things moving.
A reality we face as we move into a new year is that climate change and resulting major weather events will continue to impact our world, but it’s how we respond that makes all the difference. Up-to-date aerial imagery can provide insight into the date, cause and extent of damage following natural disasters, when accuracy matters most.
From damage assessment for insurance, to clean up and recovery efforts for state and local government, we capture the world from above frequently and with the details in mind — so that you can stay ready, and respond with confidence.
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