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Before and After Pictures of Hurricanes Delta and Laura

Oct 2020

When disaster strikes, we capture the truth on the ground to help emergency response efforts. See the before and after images of Hurricanes Delta and Laura.

Oct 2020

With the threat of a second major hurricane, Nearmap was at the ready safely outside of the impact zone for two of 2020’s most prevalent disasters. Within hours of Hurricanes Delta and Laura making landfall on the coast of Louisiana, our planes were in the air collecting high-resolution aerial imagery. Why is this important? Because current, high-res aerial imagery aids cleanup and recovery efforts across many industries, including public safety, utilities, and numerous other types of contractors.
However, the imagery isn’t just for those helping aid in the recovery and relief efforts. With devastating damage assessment imminent, insurers will need the ability to quickly assess and validate the destruction to improve claim management amid all the loss suffered by those on the ground.

Providing coverage beyond post-cat

Nearmap currently has an extensive, continually updated library of high-res pre- and post-catastrophe aerial imagery covering the areas affected by Hurricanes Delta and Laura — and not just for recent events. Nearmap has been capturing imagery in some of the impacted areas since 2016, providing a historical archive for public safety officials and others to easily compare pre- and post-storm environments.
Accessing this aerial content is made simple and efficient through MapBrowser, a web-based platform. All pre- and post-hurricane imagery captured by Nearmap is available via this web application with easy-to-use APIs for integration into common GIS, CAD, and other applications.
Nearmap imagery is published at sub-3” (5.5cm) Ground Sampling Distance (GSD), which allows users to see great detail on the ground. At this resolution, they can clearly identify roof damage with missing shingles, structural deterioration, major property damage, and flooding. Utility companies can readily identify damage to utility poles, gauge proper access routes, and plan transportation amidst the chaos. The same is true for streets and all other ground features, providing details for users to complete analysis both pre- and post-storms.
Beyond Hurricanes Delta and Laura, we were able to capture post-cat imagery throughout August and September — from the wild fires in the Northwest to the tornadoes in Cedar Rapids, IA, and the Midwest derecho. All of the imagery captured can play an invaluable role in post-disaster coordination and help better prepare for future needs. The availability of post-hurricane imagery and future post-cat imagery within MapBrowser or APIs is subject to further conditions. For a more in-depth conversation on coverage, please contact a member of the Nearmap team.