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Near Infrared NIR aerial imagery
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Nearmap Near Infrared Aerial Imagery

Near Infrared (NIR) aerial imagery provides essential data insights, enabling informed decision-making, resource optimization, and enhanced efficiency.

Chlorophyll imagery index in Near Infrared Imagery

Insights in Every Frame

Enhance your decision-making with multi-band imaging for unparalleled accuracy to perform vegetation classification, wetland analysis, urban planning, environmental monitoring and more.

NIR imagery layer Near Infrared Imagery

Manage Risk Confidently

Regular aerial captures enable tracking of changes over time, supporting risk monitoring, planning, and managing activities for areas of interest.

NDVI imagery results in Near Infrared Imagery

Monitor Change Effectively

Combine updated NIR with geospatial AI systems and workflows to scale up automated insights for change detection. See instantly vegetation encroachment, plant health, fluctuations in water clarity, and soil degradation.

RGB imagery layer Near Infrared Imagery

Integrate Seamlessly

Nearmap Near Infrared (NIR) aerial imagery can integrate with most Geographical Information Systems (GIS), design software, and other mapping platforms providing to provide greater geospatial context.

Chicago birds eye view maps aerial survey

Explore Your World

Immerse yourself into an actionable environment stuffed with the insights that empower greater decisions. Uncover the truth in the details with Nearmap.

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