Nearmap AI

Verifiable insights, at scale and on-demand

Power your decision-making with Nearmap AI — a regularly updated vectorised map with true location insights.  Derived from high-resolution imagery, our up-to-date location content is processed at scale and available via API and offline delivery.

AI Vector and Location Data

Nearmap AI is paired with rich historic vertical and oblique imagery, a powerful combination that enables you to verify data against our source imagery. View your AI Packs via MapBrowser, API, or order an offline dataset for use with leading GIS platform and workflow applications. No data team? No worries.

Aerial views with image data and artificial intelligence

Automated Insights You Can Trust

Our best-in-class imagery ensures superior feature extraction. Automate your insight-gathering to save hours every day — for insurance underwriting, claims processing, property appraisals, and utility asset management. Our content is date-stamped and verifiable against Nearmap imagery.

Aerial image with artificial intelligence insights and data

AI Packs to accelerate decisions

A growing list of AI Packs serves the different needs of your business. With content refreshed every time we fly, you can have confidence that your geospatial and location data is always up-to-date. Better yet, you can now overlay insights from multiple vintages to perform change detection over time.

Aerial image artificial intelligence data insights

Dig Deeper with AI Layers

Looking to identify the latest construction activities? Want to inspect tree overhang? Need to identify properties without solar panels? Use the AI Layer tool in MapBrowser to pinpoint these exact features. Nearmap AI can also be consumed via AI Feature API where massive throughput is required for regular bulk updates in an automated fashion.

High quality aerial image data export with artificial intelligence

Enrich Your Data with AI Parcel Export

Nearmap AI offers export credits, giving you the freedom to choose which data set to export, and when. Designed with convenience in mind, you can extract up to one million AI Parcels at a time in just a few clicks. Each AI Parcel comes with a combination of rich geospatial file (.gpkg) and spreadsheet file (.csv) outputs, with MapBrowser links to help you verify the data against the source. Offline delivery is also available for large area export.

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Nearmap AI requires a Nearmap Vertical subscription

Nearmap Vertical is the perfect complement to Nearmap AI, providing you direct access to the source of truth. 

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Aerial Image of Solar Panels in Hamilton, NZ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nearmap AI?

    Nearmap AI is our image and object recognition product which enables you to derive deeper insights of an area or parcel in seconds. Derived from our high-resolution vertical and oblique imagery, you can easily interact with the relevant AI Layers from MapBrowser. Or should you simply want to bring our AI-derived data to your workflow, you can download or use AI Feature API and integrate with your tech stack.

  • What are the features of Nearmap AI?

    Nearmap AI subscription unlocks two new features in MapBrowser: AI Layers, and AI Parcel Export.

    With View AI Layers, you can add a visual overlay on top of our imagery to allow you to focus on what you care about most. Some of our AI Packs will come with multiple attributes, so be sure to discuss your requirements with your account manager to see the full range of attributes available to you. Or check out our documentation on our Knowledge Hub.

    After checking out the AI Layers, you may want to export the content to integrate into your in-house GIS platform or some other workflow applications for data enrichment — that is where AI Parcel Export comes in. AI Feature API is also available for more technical use cases.

    To have access to AI Parcel Export, your organisation must be subscribed to Nearmap AI which comes with a predetermined AI Parcel Export credit for self-service export. You will also need to have Nearmap AI permissions, which your account administrator can provide you with.

  • What are the AI Packs available now?

    Nearmap AI has been pre-processed at full resolution on our vertical imagery coverage and continues to be processed on every survey we fly from mid-2020 onwards. Historical data available on request. See below our growing list of AI Packs you can choose from:

    • Building footprints
    • Building characteristics (height & story attributes)
    • Roof characteristics
    • Vegetation
    • Surfaces
    • Swimming pools
    • Solar panels
    • Construction sites
    • Trampolines
    • and more

    For a full list of AI Packs and Layers, visit our Knowledge Hub.

  • What are the formats of your AI Parcel Export?

    Nearmap AI Parcels are exported as Rich Geospatial File and Spreadsheet File (.csv). At launch, the Rich Geospatial File is an AI Parcel Geopackage (.gpkg) but we may add new geospatial file formats over time. Visit our Knowledge Hub for more information.

  • Is the AI Feature API right for me?

    If you want to interact programmatically with our data to always get the latest content, you can clip out a small area of our AI vector content using the AI Feature API. With the latest data on a property sized Query AOI typically returned in a few hundred milliseconds, this is ideal for integration into customer facing workflows where seconds matter.

    We also recommend the AI Feature API for enterprise use, where massive throughput is required for regular bulk updates in an automated fashion. To learn more, visit our Knowledge Hub.

  • Do I need to have a Nearmap vertical imagery subscription to get access?

    Yes, Nearmap AI is a premium content type that empowers you to extract more actionable insights from our high-resolution aerial imagery. Our AI datasets are perfectly aligned to our imagery so you can verify content and see change over time. It’s a powerful combination which you must see for yourself.

  • How do I request a sample dataset of Nearmap AI?

    Simply get in touch with us using the form below.

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