High resolution photography for property appraisal
Property Assessment

Simplify Your Assessment Cycle With Aerial Data

Remotely inspect parcels with advantageous clarity and accuracy to identify new taxable activity, make better informed decisions and defend against appeals.

May 2021 | Chandler, AZ, U.S.

Assess with Indisputable Visual Proof

Transform your workflows with Nearmap and overcome common property assessment challenges such as lack of manpower, difficulty viewing entire parcels, indiscernible structural changes and time consuming appeals. Easily detect current and temporal changes at scale with our ever-growing library of up-to-date and historical Ortho, Oblique and AI-derived content.

Nearmap enables you to conveniently and accurately inspect land, building structures, hard surfaces, and other taxable items for correct property valuations.

I wish I had the time to go into Nearmap’s image library every single day; because each time I go on to view a property, I spot taxable property right and left. Every single time I’m on there, I’m able to capture assessed value which equates to growth—it’s money we can collect in the next year. And I do it all from my desktop because I don’t have enough bodies to go outside.
Trisha Favulli - Director of Assessing, Town of Falmouth
Feb 2021 | Riverside, CA, U.S.
May 2021 | Riverside, CA, U.S.

Perform Better Desktop Reviews

Examine complete residential, commercial and industrial areas from all angles without ever setting foot on the ground. With seasonal updates to imagery and AI datasets visualizing both leaf-on and leaf-off, clearly inspect backyards, under eaves, over fences, throughout gated communities, and around vegetation for complete parcel awareness.

Automatically detect historical change on a property with Nearmap AI
Nearmap AI Layers

Spot New Taxable Activity

Compare and contrast current and historical imagery from Nearmap to identify temporal changes in your community. Detect newly built or removed structures, track construction progress and see if any permit violations exist.

Leverage on-demand change detection at scale using AI datasets for automated object identification. Distinguish hard to see items such as: swimming pools, sheds, decks, patios, balconies, gazebos, detached garages and more.

Property assessment accuracy and change detection software
Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS

Improve Assessment Accuracy

Gain accurate visual depictions of parcels and make better informed assessment decisions. Perform measurements to confirm the current state of the property matches site plans and parcel data on record. See every detail of the property to ensure assessed values are equitable.

Aerial view maps for appraisal appeal
Jan 2021 | Marvin, NC, U.S.

Confidently Defend Against Appeals

Respond to appeals and inquiries with certainty using high-resolution, timestamped imagery. Nearmap helps your team be accurate with your property valuations, thus reducing the amount of appeals. When appeals do occur, streamline your defense by communicating with accurate, up-to-date imagery as visual proof.

Claims aerial historical image comparison after
Feb 2021 | Frisco, TX, U.S.

Gain Complete Parcel Awareness

Scheduling flyovers is no longer necessary; Nearmap is proactively capturing location data throughout the United States, 365 days a year. As a subscription based service with flexible options tailored for assessors, gain accurate 2D, 3D and AI insights for parcels in your region.

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