Property appraisal aerial panorama of Hamden Connecticut
Property Assessment

Current Aerial Photos Improve Property Appraisal

Remote property assessment is now a reality, so value your time as well. Eliminate unnecessary site inspections, and multiply your efforts.

Mar 2020 | Hamden, CT

Greater Revenue, Fewer Appeals

Appraisers are asked to do more withless, often with low resolution, outdatedimagery that doesn't reflect the current truth onthe ground. Nearmap changes the game, allowing appraisers to scale operations while also providing better customer service and reducing the number of costly site visits. 

Aug 2016 | Clyde Hill, WA
Mar 2020 | Clyde Hill, WA

Assess Change

There’s constant change in property valuation. New homes are added to tax roles, and existing structures are modified or demolished.

Fluctuating economic conditions affect markets. Nearmap captures every year — often multiple times — allowing appraisers to see change.

Oblique measurement product on roofing in Leesburg, Virginia
Feb 2020 | Leesburg, VA

Reduce Site Visits

Why spend time requisitioning vehicles and wasting valuable appraisal time when you can see the truth on the ground with instantly accessible high resolution imagery?

Lower your risk, reduce cost, and maximize your appraisal efforts.

Property appraisal aerial image of construction in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Jan 2020 | Paradise Valley, AZ

Shorten Appeals

With more appeals every year, the burden of proof often falls on the appraiser. Current, clear imagery leads to more accurate valuations, visual support, and fewer appeals.

When they do occur, appraisal districts have the detail needed to defend property valuations.

Oblique aerial image of residential backyards in Indianapolis, Indiana
Mar 2020 | Indianapolis, IN

Verify Data

Now you have a means to check field reports andthird-party data sources. With Nearmap, appraisers view up-do-date aerial maps depicting the true context on the ground, even beyond what you could verify in person.

Instantly stream cloud-based high fidelity aerialmaps to verify data as needed, without delay.

Property Appraisal aerial image of pools in Laguna Beach, California
Apr 2020 | Laguna Beach, CA

Prevent Audits

Poor quality or outdated imagery causes higher audit volumes.With Nearmap, appraisers can easily identify the type of roof, presence of a pool, outbuildings, covered porches, additions, and more.

Visually documented appraisals translate into fewer audits.

Aerial image of condo complex and construction in San Antonio, Texas
Apr 2020 | San Antonio, TX

Resolve Inquiries

As tax burdens rise, it’s normal to see a greater volume of inquiries challenging appraisals or tax assessments.

Nearmap allows you to instantly access commercial and residential properties, review historical archives, and visualize change to resolve inquiries quickly.

High resolution aerial image of property construction in Burlington, Vermont
Apr 2020 | Burlington, VT

Spot Taxable Activity Sooner

Fresh imagery is streamed to you within days of capture. Our historical archive and current imagery allow you to view change over time, and flag new developments when land is first cleared. Be the early bird, view what's new, and optimize tax revenues.

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