Insurance underwriting aerial images and data

Make Data-driven Decisions to Minimize Insurance Risk

Inform the underwriting and risk modeling process with high-resolution aerial imagery.

Feb 2021 | Scottsdale, AZ, U.S.

Up-to-date Location Intelligence

Make underwriting decisions with confidence and feed your critical risk models with the most current property insights — updated regularly to accommodate for change, spanning more than 90 million parcels and updated up to 3 times per year.

Insurance claims data and aerial images with artificial intelligence
Nearmap AI Data Layers on Aerial Images

Build Better Risk Profiles

With AI-derived attributes and 3D elevation datasets like DSM and DEM, gain insight into current and historic property features that inform your risk selection, like changes in vegetation or roof condition. Easily feed this critical information into your risk models to refine your pricing recommendations and streamline the automated decision process for new policies.

Perform Virtual Inspections

When you need to prepare for an in-person inspection and identify features that require a closer look, remotely assess a property to:

  • See the impact of prior events, like flooding or wildfire damage
  • Measure distance to risk factors like vegetation or water
  • Inspect roof condition for attributes like material, ponding or rusting
  • Annotate and export imagery from MapBrowser that documents features where further inspection is needed
May 2020 | Frisco, TX, U.S.
Feb 2021 | Myrtle Beach, TX, U.S.

Understand and Confirm Property Data

If you need to confirm that risk doesn’t meet underwriting criteria, consult our rich library of imagery to assess if an exception is warranted or if physical verification is needed.

When it’s time for renewal, easily identify areas where new risks have surfaced and confidently reinforce your original pricing recommendations or premium increases with imagery that’s captured up to 3 times per year — providing you the most current view into the truth on the ground.

Insurance underwriting artificial intelligence image and data
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Underwriting risk decision automation aerial images
Jan 2021 | Birmingham, AL, U.S.

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