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Service Professionals Win More Business with Aerial Insights

Nov 2023

By leveraging aerial imagery, service professionals can readily compare historical and current captures, gain valuable insights, and identify potential deal opportunities.

Nov 2023

Gone are the days of traditional onsite visits for property service providers. With high-resolution aerial imagery, service contractors can efficiently prospect for new opportunities — without leaving their office. By leveraging aerial imagery, service professionals can readily compare historical and current captures, gaining valuable insights into changes over time. This enables them to identify potential opportunities and evaluate the feasibility of projects without the need for site visits.
With high-resolution aerial imagery, contractors have a competitive advantage when bidding on projects. The ability to scan large areas of land from a bird's eye view empowers service contractors to identify prospects faster and win business more efficiently.
Ready to rapidly expand your operations with remote prospecting, more precise aerial measurements, and virtual site inspections? It’s all possible with aerial insights for property service providers.

The Advantages of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

High-resolution aerial imagery offers numerous advantages for service contractors in the landscape, paving, fence design, roofing, solar, and pool industries. Let's take a closer look at how these benefits impact the day-to-day operations and overall success of these businesses.
  • AI and 3D Capabilities
High-resolution aerial imagery can enable advanced datasets in the form of AI layers and 3D models. These two features automate insight discovery, allowing contractors to inspect tree overhang, identify properties without solar panels, see roof conditions, and measure height, pitch, and length for more accurate estimates.
  • Time and Cost Savings
Traditional methods of prospecting, site visits, and measurements require significant time and resources. With aerial imagery, contractors can remotely assess potential job sites, measure dimensions, and generate quotes without spending the time and cost of going onsite. Contractors can now deliver more estimates per day, qualify potential clients in near real-time, and prospect the projects that are most likely to yield positive outcomes.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Precision
High-resolution aerial imagery provides contractors with detailed visualizations that allow for more precise measurements, annotations, and planning. By leveraging advanced measurement tools and the clarity of aerial imagery, contractors can ensure that their quotes and proposals accurately reflect the scope of work. This eliminates guesswork and reduces the risk of errors, leading to more successful projects and satisfied customers.
  • Improved Client Communication
Aerial imagery enhances client communication by providing contractors with powerful visual aids. Contractors can showcase their designs, proposed changes, and expected outcomes using detailed visuals, making it easier for clients to understand the end result. Additionally, contractors can use aerial imagery to clarify property details, highlight potential challenges or opportunities, and address client concerns more effectively.
The advantages of aerial insights enable property service contractors to accurately measure and quote projects, create winning proposals, optimize field service efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience — each vital cogs in a successful business.

Accurate Measurements and Quotes

Aerial imagery allows contractors to take accurate measurements and generate quotes with ease. By utilizing measurement tools such as line, area, and radius, contractors can quickly calculate the square footage of front and backyards, annotate images, and provide clients with detailed cost estimates. The clarity and resolution of aerial imagery provide a clear visualization of property details, ensuring accurate measurements and more precise quotes.

Creating Winning Proposals

Aerial imagery enables contractors to locate properties, analyze them, measure dimensions, annotate images with cost estimates, and export the imagery as a proposal — all within minutes. By leveraging aerial imagery, contractors can showcase their designs and expected scope of work with stunning visualizations, impressing clients and outshining the competition. The ability to quickly generate proposals with accurate information gives contractors a significant advantage in securing new projects.

Field Service Optimization

Aerial imagery provides contractors with the ability to optimize their operations, especially when working on projects adjacent to existing structures or in complex environments. By verifying heights, widths, and other critical parameters remotely, contractors can plan their landscaping, paving, or pool installations with confidence. This eliminates the need for multiple site visits and minimizes the risk of errors or delays.

Better Customer Experience

With the help of high-resolution aerial imagery, contractors can showcase their progress and demonstrate the effectiveness of their services. By comparing historical imagery to current aerial maps, contractors can validate their work, settle customer disputes, and provide evidence of improvements made over time. Further, aerial imagery allows contractors to identify potential issues such as lawn degradation or other issues, enabling them to address these concerns proactively. This approach to maintenance not only enhances the customer experience but also helps retain clients and generate positive referrals.
High-resolution aerial imagery has transformed the property service providers industry, offering contractors a powerful tool to streamline their operations, win more business, and improve the customer experience.
The ability to prospect efficiently, take accurate measurements, create winning proposals, optimize field service operations, and demonstrate progress through historical archives has revolutionized the way contractors operate. With the advantages of time and cost savings, enhanced accuracy and precision, improved client communication, and streamlined project planning and execution, contractors can elevate their performance and deliver exceptional results.
As the technology continues to evolve, the benefits of aerial imagery for property service providers will continue to deliver successful results — both for the business and its customers.
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