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The Future of GIS is Aerial Intelligence

Aug 2023

Nearmap brought its suite of smart mapping technology to Esri UC to help attendees use contextual high-resolution imagery, derived 3D datasets, and numerous AI layers.

Aug 2023

“What kind of world do you want to see?” That was the question Esri Founder and President Jack Dangermond posed at the 43rd annual Esri User Conference. Jack believes that humans are going to stand up and create a sustainable future — an endeavor that starts with a geographic approach.
The geographic approach to sustainability is a way of thinking and problem solving that integrates geographic information and science. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enables the geographic approach through data collection, visualization and mapping, analysis and modeling, planning and design, decision making, and action. This approach to sustainability is built on creating an understanding of our world, exploring all the alternatives, finding the right solution, and explaining before building.
As communities grow, governments deal with planning for population growth and its impact on the environment. Smart maps and spatial analysis empower planners, GIS professionals, and engineers for design, modeling, and master planning with the tools to better understand a project’s effect on the surrounding area and the people who use that space.
As a leader in ground truth, and an Esri Gold Partner, Nearmap brought our suite of smart mapping technology to Esri UC to help attendees see today and build tomorrow using contextual high-resolution imagery, derived 3D datasets, and numerous AI layers.
Wait, isn’t Nearmap just an aerial imagery provider? That’s the question many attendees asked. What they learned is that our high-resolution imagery is just one element that empowers GIS professionals to create the world they want to see.

Smart Map Technology

Maps have always led people to their destination. Today, GIS takes this concept further by integrating traditional data points with IoT sensors, 3D datasets, and AI features extracted from deep learning models. This empowers city managers and stakeholders with the insights needed to mitigate future risk as well as design for long-term economic, environmental, and equitable impacts for a more sustainable community.
Nearmap location intelligence integrates with ArcGIS to create a powerful view of a project area with current, contextual surveys that can be overlayed with technical design plans that incorporate surrounding infrastructure (e.g., transportation, utilities, public spaces, commercial or residential properties).

Next-gen Imagery

The way you see the world is about to change with the next generation of Nearmap imagery, HyperCamera 3 (HC3). Output from the third-generation of our patented camera system was on display at Esri UC, showcasing why it’s the future of aerial imagery technology.
  • 2D Vertical Imagery of less than 1” (in many cases)
  • 2D Panoramic with four directions and a higher zoom level
  • Oblique Imagery with up to 8 directions and multiple images per direction
The arrival of HC3 brings with it the opportunity for GIS professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the built environment through improved visual content across their areas of interest. Further, the enhanced locational intelligence and situational awareness derived from HC3 will empower better decision making across all possible use cases.

Nearmap AI

Nearmap does artificial intelligence! The buzzword of Esri UC is more than the generative feature (think ChatGPT) most associate with AI. Using our flagship web app, MapBrowser, Nearmap AI can identify over 100 different feature types in a single image with mature machine learning (ML) models — effectively reducing inspection efforts by as much as 99% and potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Nearmap AI and ArcGIS users can solve city-scale challenges (like identifying building changes) with location-based insights that bring context to the data. This geospatial combo automatically extracts and digitizes imagery to help update base GIS systems, determine areas of change, and count additions, deletions, and unchanged features. Now tasks like spotting taxable activity, increasing taxable revenue, and monitoring infrastructure can be done in minutes.
In addition to our out-of-the box AI, at Esri UC we introduced the Nearmap for ArcGIS Image license. This elevates AI workflows with dozens of Esri machine learning models on Nearmap imagery. Our Deep Learning integration provides accurate and up-to-date imagery, yielding robust results for geospatial analysis.
Seamlessly combine Esri Deep Learning tools with Nearmap imagery to tailor attribute extraction to your unique requirements. Benefit from unprecedented insights in urban planning, real-time monitoring of the built environment, and streamlined asset management, impacting both Nearmap and Esri government customers.

3D Mapping

Nearmap 3D transforms 2D imagery into immersive three-dimensional models. ArcGIS users can integrate Nearmap 3D into the platform to create living digital twins. This allows city planners to truly explore the built environment from every angle — providing a higher level of certainty as they evaluate decisions before implementing actions.
Being able to inspect the city at scale unlocks more accurate inspections and improves overall awareness. Further, 3D models make it easier to communicate projects to non-GIS professionals with visuals that tell the story.

Geospatial Analytics

Nearmap location intelligence includes current and historic insights (dating back to 2014) for 87% of the nation’s population. This comprehensive view of a community’s evolution combines with ArcGIS real-time data to optimize workflows — from property assessment to public works to urban planning.
Our world has the answers, we just need to look for them. Geospatial analytics tap into ground truth to help cities understand their communities and effectively plan for the future. This includes climate change, shifting demographics, and resource needs. Accurate geospatial analytics have the power to reveal patterns and trends that can help governments take advantage of opportunities, mitigate risks, and create sustainable cities.

Nearmap and ArcGIS for Precise Location Intelligence

Combining Nearmap with ArcGIS brings together the leaders in aerial imagery and location data to create the most powerful enterprise asset management solution. ArcGIS enhanced with Nearmap high-resolution imagery, 3D datasets, and AI empowers GIS professionals with contextual visuals that accurately display asset locations, conditions, and attributed data. Nearmap can also effectively eliminate data silos and reduces onsite visits by providing accurate remote inspections.
Maximize Esri's pre-trained models, or build your own with Nearmap. This means driving optimal results from your ArcGIS enabled machine learning models by fueling them with high-resolution, georeferenced, up-to-date imagery. The power of this partnership is why Nearmap won the Creative Content Award at the 2023 Esri Partner Conference.
With seamless integration to ArcGIS products, Esri users can quickly gain additional value from their investment, fuel digital innovation, and enable sophisticated analysis based on Nearmap premium location intelligence.
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