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See the Big Picture with High-Resolution Aerial Images

Aug 2020

Get the big picture with high-resolution aerial maps to clearly see properties and structures and make better, more informed decisions.

Aug 2020


Use best-in-class location intelligence to track your book of business across the insurance policy lifecycle

Insurers are looking to innovative technology solutions to mitigate risk and control loss across the insurance policy lifecycle. Nearmap, a full location content suite, gives insurers the big picture with regularly captured, high resolution 2D and 3D content and data — allowing risk engineers, underwriters, claims managers, and loss adjusters to clearly visualize and analyze residential and commercial properties when making critical decisions.
Learn how Nearmap for Insurance helps at each phase of the policy lifecycle to remove uncertainty and provide a clear picture of current and historical property characteristics. Stop wondering if what you’re seeing is accurate, and start making decisions with the certainty of timestamped aerial content that’s regularly refreshed.

Calibrate Risk Models and streamline new policy decisions

Risk Modeling: Good models need great data

When it comes to risk modeling, currency and accuracy of data is critical to truly understand risk at the property, suburb, state, and national levels. Using current imagery, historical post-cat content, and wide-coverage articifial intellgence data packs, you can upgrade your risk modeling by enriching existing datasets with recently captured property characteristics derived from high-resolution aerial imagery. When you input high-quality data, you have the potential to significantly reduce your risk exposure.

Risk assessment and underwriting

Get the insights you need from your desk

In underwriting, speed matters, but not at the expense of accuracy. Customers expect a fast decision, and in-person inspections of every potential new policy are simply not possible. With Nearmap, desktop reviews are easy and reliable, allowing underwriters to create a complete picture of the property’s risk profile and make an informed pricing recommendation. Because Nearmap is updated on a regular schedule — up to three times every year — underwriters and risk engineers can use Nearmap imagery and data to verify data from brokers and the homeowner, including application pre-fill.
Right-size risk with remote measurement tools to understand roof size and building height; visualize AI Layers to evaluate building footprint and roof material; comb through historical imagery to see how natural perils have impacted the property before; and combine Vertical and Oblique imagery to get a 360° view, including façades, backyards, and outbuildings.

Loss control and renewal inspections

Mitigate new risk without the field trip

Before a policy is written or renewed, you need to understand current risk factors and help mitigate risk before a new or revised policy is issued. Minimize the expense of in-person inspections by using Nearmap location content to:
  • Understand when new risks arise on policies by comparing historical and current captures
  • Identify new property features that may impact the sum insured, such as pools, solar panels, and additional stories
  • Strategically allocate resources by sending field adjusters to only the most impacted properties

Claims management

Nearmap delivers speed and accuracy when it matters most

Exceeding expectations when customers are in need lets insurers not only fulfill their core promise, but outshine the competition as well. From speeding up claims processing so customers get relief quickly to managing costs and contractors, claims managers need to identify new ways to streamline resources and increase efficiency. Nearmap helps accelerate claims management with a robust library of validated location content that’s clear, current, and consistent.
Whether you need to quickly assess the extent of damage across multiple policies after a major event, take an accurate remote roof measurement to support a repair estimate, or figure out which policies most urgently require an in-person inspection, Nearmap helps your team prioritize and administer claims without having to wait for a field assessment.

Loss adjustment

When did those shingles go missing? Nearmap knows.

It’s no secret that property and casualty insurers can lose millions every year to insurance fraud. Protecting your company against invalid claims to minimize loss is critical. You want to be sure real problems and concerns are addressed appropriately without overpaying for repairs. With our extensive library of historical captures, it’s easy to pinpoint the date and cause of damage, as well as get a full rendering of what existed on the property prior to a destructive event. Inject desktop reviews with an accessible source of ground for reliable estimates, while your loss adjustment team confidently validates the date and cause of damage to substantiate claims decisions. Keep time and money on your side by reducing in-person inspections and remotely measuring fences, roofs, driveways, building façades, and more.
When it comes to insurance, only the full picture tells the complete story across the policy lifecycle. Avoid unnecessary risk, keep claims moving forward, and stop fraud in its tracks. Know the answers before the question even gets asked with an enterprise-grade library of location intelligence from Nearmap. Get started at Nearmap for Insurance.