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Meet the new MapBrowser: faster, smarter location exploration

Mar 2022

MapBrowser, the flagship web-based application from Nearmap, provides robust geospatial content, aerial maps, project tools, and advanced basemap options.

Mar 2022

MapBrowser, our flagship web-based application, allows users to seamlessly explore and virtually augment the world around them. This is made possible via the application’s robust geospatial content, project tools, and advanced basemap layer options. Because it is web-based, MapBrowser can be accessed from any modern web browser — connecting users with the location data they need, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.
Over 90% of Nearmap customers use MapBrowser to enhance their workflows with advanced geospatial features and industry-leading imagery definition. This fusion of functionality and clarity enables a dynamic view of the world that users can then explore, mark up, and share.

Explore, mark up, share

Exploration is about discovering and confirming truth on the ground. MapBrowser provides access to up to seven high-resolution, up-to-date baselayers — each giving a unique perspective of the world around us. Those baselayers (combined with rapid location search, rich data layers, and industry-leading AI) allow you to understand a location’s every aspect without ever having to be onsite.
Easily keep track of insights by marking up basemaps using an array of annotation tools. With MapBrowser, you can measure objects virtually, label features to record specific details, identify exact points within an image, and more. These layers can then be organized and saved using MapBrowser’s project functionality.
The ability to collaborate and share location intelligence is a common task for many MapBrowser users — especially when submitting plans or quotes. Nearmap content can be exported via MapBrowser and used within a range of third-party applications.

A Better Way to MapBrowser

Since the release of MapBrowser, we’ve compiled feedback from users to help develop improvements that elevate their experience. These efforts culminate with the release of the newly updated MapBrowser. With more screen space to work on, keyboard shortcuts, and enhanced functionality, the new MapBrowser is built to optimize your processes.
New MapBrowser
Customers voiced the importance of maximum content visibility when using MapBrowser. The updates deliver just that for both mobile and desktop devices. Toolbars and navigation controls are more compact to provide a larger space to explore and mark up basemaps. The inspector is now split into two modules to further amplify the workable screen space.
Quick-action functionality is also important to our users, as time is often of the essence in their various industries. Navigate imagery in a breeze with an intuitive compass that helps you locate insights from any vantage point by rotating basemaps. A newly added button automatically moves viewpoints by 90 degrees — while jumping back to true north can be done by simply clicking the compass.
Tools are now accompanied by keyboard shortcuts to further boost the efficiency of working in MapBrowser. Fun fact: Brainscape founder and CEO, Andrew Cohen, calculated that clicking with a mouse instead of using the equivalent keyboard shortcut for the same function costs us an average of 2 seconds for every minute of effort. If you work 8 hours a day for 240 days a year, and don’t use any keyboard shortcuts, you could be wasting up to 64 hours, or 8 entire work days!
The MapBrowser update also offers a quick-access toolbar that enables seamless transitions between marker, snapshot, text, line, geometric, and height and width functionalities. Once created, geometric shapes are readily altered via a pop-up toolbar offering color, brightness, and opacity combinations.
A collapsed sidebar is where users will locate options to organize, save, and export projects. Project workspaces let you add content-rich information to any location, which can be saved and revisited as needed. Export aerial content — vertical, 3D, and AI — and import it into your preferred third-party application to start leveraging Nearmap insights and use cases in a timely manner.
Updated MapBrowser Sidebar
MapBrowser was created to help you better understand the liveable world. See the details that matter in high resolution, travel to the past using a historic image library, or shape the environment to meet your needs via innovative tools. MapBrowser features combine to deliver a faster, smarter way to gather location intelligence. Each improvement to our flagship application further establishes it as the total source of truth on the ground. Can your map say that?
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