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Maximize mapping with Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS

May 2020

Take the guess work out of measuring with spatially correct Nearmap Oblique imagery in ArcGIS to create smarter, more data-driven base map layers.

May 2020

The ability to see the real world with rich, contextual data inside of ArcGIS is now made easier with “Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS.” Available immediately as a Web AppBuilder widget for ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal) applications, GIS user can simply and easily plug-and-play with high-resolution, accurate oblique imagery.

The Benefits of Going Oblique

Beyond vertical or ortho aerial imagery, obliques provide a distinct advantage when it comes to visualization: seeing a project site from multiple directions. No need to worry about tree cover, building eaves, or other structures impeding your line of sight. Because our oblique imagery is captured at a 45-degree angle, you get better in-field perspectives with high-quality location content. Below is an example of the ability to view all four sides of a structure.
Access to oblique imagery means you can view your work site virtually, without setting a foot on the ground. Explore the natural environment and assess needs and opportunities of a work site with increased clarity and accuracy to better streamline your project management.
One of the key benefits of Nearmap Oblique is the ability to take measurements—confidently. Avoid costly rework or better gauge project resources by measuring building height and width for safety, compliance and structural requirements.
Nearmap also flies proactively across major urban areas in the U.S. What does this mean for you? You’ll have access to the latest and greatest aerial content, refreshed regularly with captures happening up to 3 times per year. Compare and contrast seasonal changes and improve your project maintenance and management with leaf-off/leaf-on captures.
Historical, accurate, measurable, and up-to-date aerial content — what more could you want?

Take Your Basemap Information to the Next Level

Nearmap is proud to be an Esri Gold Partner. First, take a look at the suite of ArcGIS products below that you can currently integrate Nearmap Vertical or 3D content into. With the release of Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS, you can now bring in our oblique imagery into ArcGIS Enterprise using our “Oblique Viewer for Nearmap” widget inside Web AppBuilder.
Second, let's get started? We’re ready to help you increase your location intelligence inside a scalable, interactive web environment with stunningly clear, contextually sound aerial content. It’s time to elevate your ArcGIS experience by integrating Nearmap Oblique through Portal for ArcGIS.
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