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Philadelphia aerial maps for government

Enhancing Government Workflows with Aerial Imagery

Embrace change in your community and build a sustainable future for your constituents with current, contextual aerial maps.

Mar 2023 | Philadelphia, PA, U.S.

Access Industry-leading Geospatial Technology

State & Local Government Departments:

Confidently address the growing needs of your community without procuring costly individual flyovers. Our proactive survey capture program helps you understand change at scale with frequently updated, high-resolution aerial content up to 3 times per year. Within days of capture, access the latest 2D, 3D and AI content on-demand — or offline upon request — to help reduce lengthy site visits, enhance mapping capabilities, detect change over time and accurately manage your assets. Get access to post-catastrophe aerial data to reduce your community's risk with Nearmap ImpactResponse for Government.

Updated Data

New Imagery up to 3 times per year

High-res Mapping

Consistent 2.2-3" (5.5-7.5cm) GSD

Rapid Delivery

Stream content within days of capture


Catalogs of historical imagery at your fingertips

Wide-scale Coverage

Over 1,740 urban areas

Historical aerial images and data for construction in Las Vegas, Nevada Historical aerial images of Allegiant Stadium construction

Raise the Bar for your GIS Applications

Enrich your mapping and web applications with sub 3” imagery. With Nearmap as your basemap, improve your ability to gather and overlay geospatial data, and unlock new web application possibilities. Visualize your environment with clear context into field conditions — before on-site validation.

Gain greater situational awareness, track ongoing projects in near real-time and improve cross-departmental communication — helping you to derive sharper insights and contribute to society’s infrastructure and economy in more impactful ways.

Powerful Integrations Tailored to your Workflows

Through simple integrations, employ up-to-date, high-res aerial content from Nearmap within your preferred GIS, CAD, 3D visualization, dispatch or asset management software. With little to no coding required, seamlessly access Nearmap imagery inside your applications to start delivering smarter solutions today.

Nearmap 3D in Esri ArcGIS Urban Nearmap 3D in Esri ArcGIS Urban

Check out a few of our trusted government technology integration partners:

Powerful Location Intelligence for Federal Governments

The inclusion of Nearmap on the GSA schedule provides federal agencies streamlined access to accurate and scalable aerial mapping tools, imagery, and location data. The GSA makes it possible for government organizations to save time and money by bypassing lengthy contractual periods and utilizing standardized and pre-established pricing, terms, and conditions to procure high-quality products and services.

Government 2D, 3D and artificial intelligence imagery and data Selection of location aerial image and data

Transform Government Landscapes with Premium Aerial Data

From public safety to urban planning, property assessment and transportation, the need to access up-to-date location content is only growing more critical for government departments. The rich product stack from Nearmap offers superior insights into managing assets and facilities, assessing risk, responding to emergencies, planning and developing, and valuating parcels.

Access your area of interest through multi-perspective views and vintages of imagery. Gain complete situational awareness, perform accurate measurements, and export georeferenced imagery with ease.

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Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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