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Hansen Partnership

Urban Planning Insights

Hansen Partnership projects comply with rigorous council requirements and industry standards, while still incorporating unique creative flair.

“The benefit of Nearmap is that, when we’re creating detailed planning-permit applications, we can get critical information about the site by going back there, virtually, as many times as we need to.”

Steve SchuttLandscape Architect and Company Director

The High-Res Aerial Imagery Competitive Advantage

With almost all of Hansen’s work focused on the built environment — including commercial buildings, schools, town centres, and residential properties — access to timely, high resolution aerial photography helps maintain a competitive advantage. They previously used Google Earth satellite imagery, but this provided only a fraction of the required detail, and aerial surveys supplied by local councils were often two or three years out of date.

Optimising Site Visits

  • With high resolution, up-to-date aerial images from Nearmap, the company no longer has to source the majority of its information manually.
  • Hansen has gained detailed site and environmental information to support development-project requirements and stay competitive.

Intuitive web-based imagery tools for easy onboarding

  • Research with Nearmap not only avoids the pressure of arriving on site and having to absorb a whole mass of information, it also provides insights that wouldn’t otherwise be available.
  • Save time and expand understanding of project requirements by using Nearmap imagery and powerful, browser-based analytic tools.
  • Gain an easy-to-use, highly interactive geospatial information service that is constantly adding functionality to meet the needs of an expanding user base.

3D Urban Planning

Current, high-res 3D models of your urban projects help you evaluate different scenarios and envision community impact.

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