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The Power of Partner Connect: What Makes Betterview’s Partner Program Unique

Aug 2023
Armin Monajemi

Betterview's partner program, Partner Connect, delivers insurers the most functional partner data to unlock value throughout the policy lifecycle.

Aug 2023
Armin Monajemi

Since this post was originally published, Betterview was acquired by Nearmap. References to Betterview, the company, or its products have been maintained for historical accuracy. Betterview is now the primary solution for the insurance industry at Nearmap.
Insurers need more than mass amounts of data to accurately and efficiently assess risk. The data must be functional: organized intuitively, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and integrated into workflows. That’s what sets apart our partner program, Partner Connect. We deliver insurers the most functional partner data to unlock value throughout the policy lifecycle. Although we are proud to offer over 2,000 partner data points from more than 40 partners, our unique strength lies in unifying them into a single, symbiotic solution. Let’s explore this process of symbiosis and the benefits it creates for insurers.
The Benefits of Partner Data
Partnerships are important because insurers need a wider range of tools and data than a single company can provide. By combining our technology with offerings from other like-minded partners, we have built a symbiotic solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. Partner Connect provides tremendous benefits for P&C insurers:
  • Centralized data, Automated workflows: Underwriters lose time switching between multiple incompatible interfaces, so we built a one-stop-shop for all relevant data, from interactive flood maps to permit records, creating automated workflows. 
  • Enhanced risk insights: We know underwriters don’t need another source of undecorated, raw data. Instead, we use AI, including machine learning and large language models, to transform the data into predictive insights that effect immediate, strategic policy actions.  
(Example of the Betterview platform showing wildfire risk that includes hazard data from partners and property-level vulnerability insights from Betterview such as defensible space detection)
  • Instant, seamless integration: Insurers need tools that are immediately accessible, with minimal to no IT lift. Through pre-built integrations in Partner Connect, we created a more efficient way to streamline sales conversations, contracts, and onboarding/training. 
Partner Connect in Action
Our product and UX team did more than add data points to our existing product. After spending time listening to the needs of actual platform users, they built concrete solutions that combined the power of partner data with Betterview’s own insights. These new, enhanced features include:
  • Holistic Claim Predictors: Combining regional hazard data from partners and property-level vulnerability insights from Betterview, Claim Predictors give insurers the most complete picture of risk for perils and severe weather events like hail and wind
  • On-Demand Inspection Tools: Users can order virtual and physical inspections with a single click on our platform, thanks to partnerships with inspection companies. This leads to a more efficient inspection process, reduced reliance on physical inspections, and an improved view of up-to-date property condition. 
  • Global Search Function: All our partner data, in addition to our own native insights, are easily searchable through our Global Search tool. Users simply type in key words such as “occupancy” or “replacement costs” and instantly access the most relevant data. 
  • Core System Integrations: Users have full access to Betterview’s user interface within their familiar core systems platform, such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, One Shield, and more. This further improves efficiency with no lengthy integration or IT lift. 
These features are only the beginning. By its very design, Partner Connect is constantly growing, iterating, and improving. We regularly add new partners, which in turn leads to cumulative improvements of the entire ecosystem. We also connect partners with each other to share industry insights and build collaborative solutions. The result of this increased symbiosis is even more value for insurers, and more ways for them to provide the best coverage possible to homeowners, businesses, and communities.
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