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Faster Customer Relief with Post-Catastrophe Aerial Imagery

Apr 2022

With ravaging events like wildfires, floods, and tornados, insurers can readily assess the scope of damage to a policyholder’s property using Nearmap aerial imagery.

Apr 2022

Last year was one of ravaging events — with wildfires, floods, tornados, and more wreaking havoc across the nation. It’s during times like these that insurers need to have the ability to act quickly and provide relief to grieving policyholders. Manual field adjustments take too long, while streamlining claims without the proper tools can lead to mistakes. Using aerial imagery, insurers can readily assess the scope of damage to a policyholder’s property.
Nearmap provides both past and present aerial imagery to help insurers see properties pre- and post-catastrophe. Captures before an event offer a data-rich assessment of the property, from the overall size and condition of the structure, down to the type and quality of construction materials used. Post-event captures display the extent of the damage, allowing carriers to review and approve claims without the need to send someone for an onsite inspection — a time and cost-consuming task that can also be dangerous in the catastrophe’s aftermath.
Pre- and post-cat images also give a clear, complete view of the entire perimeter of the property, so insurers can verify the existence of any exterior features and ensure claims are paid out properly.
Following a major event, insurers can use imagery to triage high-priority claims and send inspectors to properties with the most complex cases. Using that same data, carriers can then compare recently captured images against post-catastrophe captures to assess damages — leading to faster, easier claims processing.
A tornado ravages a facility in Springdale, Arkansas on March 30, 2022. Using post-cat imagery, carriers were able to survey and assess the damaged property with aerial imagery that was captured one day after the tornado touched down.
The post-disaster capture program from Nearmap provides property and casualty insurers faster, safer access to areas impacted by catastrophic events — using proprietary camera technology to deliver reliably high-resolution imagery within days of capture. This allows carriers to quickly triage claims and service those who need it most with up-to-date and historical aerial property data enabling accurate remote damage assessments.
Each year brings new disasters that greatly impact your insured. Give these policyholders the peace of mind that your team is equipped with the best tools to help when needed. Preview our post-catastrophe program to see why leading carriers leverage aerial imagery to assess an event's impact sooner and respond to the damages quicker.
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