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Inside MapBrowser: Our flagship web application

Mar 2021

Access the most up-to-date aerial maps and location intelligence, with measurement tools, notes, and more from wherever you work.

Mar 2021


The people — and process — behind the app

MapBrowser is the flagship web application by Nearmap. It’s designed for smooth navigation on both desktop and tablet devices, allowing you to access the most up-to-date location intelligence from wherever you work. You can use MapBrowser to conduct virtual site visits, detect change over time, and see information about a location.
From MapBrowser, you can access entire catalogs of historical imagery, from our first captures right up to the most recent. Behind the product, there are innovators who strive to create certainty for our customers by providing the best possible user experience. From feasibility studies to usability testing with real customers, every stage of the process is covered so we can ensure that we’re delivering a product that continues to enhance your workflows.

What are the Latest Updates?

The latest updates to MapBrowser feature improved ways to measure, annotate, and markup imagery; as well as a streamlined way to search and label your projects. We heard that customers were too often having to export imagery into a 3rd party application, which was time-consuming and took away from the task at hand.

“We are loving the much needed polygon drag and move function and the new search function, this will save us so much time.”

Early customer feedback on the updates,
We’re passionate about offering our customers improved ways to work, and now with these updates, your annotation processes are made even simpler — right within MapBrowser. With new powerful tools at your fingertips, you can:
Duplicate, move and rotate measurements
Adjust measurements and add custom notes
Group measurements and layers with Layer Manager

How can I access these updates?

Accessing these new annotation tools is simple and easy for current users of the new version of MapBrowser. MapBrowser Classic users can easily take advantage of these updates by following these instructions. Many of our customers have already realized a range of new benefits by making the switch, including cutting down on the time-consuming process of exporting imagery to another application.

Meet the faces behind the updates

From customer enquiry to the physical implementation of these new tools, our team is always working to improve our offering. Meet our Product Design team:
Aaron Root
Product Design Team Lead
Nora Jiang
Digital Product Designer
“We are devoted to continuously improving the user experience of MapBrowser by talking to our users and understanding their challenges. Direct customer feedback is really insightful and always motivates us to build a better product.” “It’s super important that we can test our designs early and often. It allows us to iterate quickly and validate that we are building the right solutions for our customers.”

Need more guidance on the latest updates?

We have the resources you need. If you’re looking for more direction on how to maximize these updates, our Knowledge Hub has step-by-step instructions for implementing these into your day-to-day operations. If you’re a Nearmap customer and would like to be considered for future user-testing, please reach out to us.