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Introducing Post-catastrophe Solutions from Nearmap

Jul 2023

Leverage aerial imagery and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) from Nearmap to deliver actionable, real-time data on property condition and catastrophe damage.

Jul 2023

As our world faces increasing volatility, with climate change intensifying the frequency and impact of natural disasters, we are forced to embrace “a new normal.” Coping with this surge of catastrophes poses unique challenges for property and casualty (P&C) insurers. This disaster season, the ability to accurately evaluate risk, engage proactively with customers, process claims swiftly, and manage post-catastrophe costs are not only business essentials—they are promises to policyholders.
With 2 new programs joining ImpactResponse post-catastrophe aerial imagery, Nearmap is thrilled to announce the launch of Post-catastrophe Solutions from Nearmap:
  • Nearmap ImpactResponse post-catastrophe imagery
  • Nearmap ImpactTriage damage detection AI
  • Nearmap ImpactAssessment AI
With this innovative solution, Nearmap aims to revolutionize the way P&C insurers respond to catastrophes, leveraging high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver actionable, real-time data on property condition and damage.

ImpactResponse Aerial Imagery

As the adage goes, time is of the essence when disaster strikes. ImpactResponse has serviced this critical need for speed, delivering high-resolution, post-catastrophe imagery faster than any other solution on the market. Our imagery—often posted within 24 hours of capture—supports your First Notice of Loss (FNOL), enabling you to properly allocate resources and start processing claims swiftly.
With the use of ImpactResponse, in-person inspections—often dangerous, time-consuming, or prohibited after a catastrophe—are no longer the only option for insurers nationwide. Our aerial imagery offers a safer and more efficient method of remote inspection. The level of detail provided by ImpactResponse is unprecedented, consistently delivering the sharpest post-catastrophe imagery at sub-3” per pixel.

Transforming Disaster Management with ImpactTriage

Aerial Imagery with ImpactTriage AI highlights damage severity tiers and the path of the storm for faster claims processing
ImpactTriage changes the game in early disaster response. It offers a three-tier and FEMA-based five-tier property damage classifications delivered via API, enabling insurers to identify affected properties quickly. With this capability, you can initiate a claim and assign adjusters before policyholders even pick up the phone. This proactive approach enhances customer satisfaction, expedites claims processing, and allows for a more efficient allocation of adjuster resources.

Delve Deeper with ImpactAssessment

ImpactAssessment AI illustrates different types and severity of damage--in this image, purple identifies debris and damage caused by a recent disaster.
For a more robust understanding of property damage, ImpactAssessment empowers you to process claims with a higher degree of speed and accuracy, contributing significantly to cost reduction by accurately determining repair and replacement costs while actively mitigating fraud. This solution offers a wealth of AI-derived property condition and damage data extracted directly from post-catastrophe imagery.
Going beyond a basic visual assessment, ImpactAssessment is designed to leverage the advanced power of AI to add depth and precision to your understanding. Machine learning algorithms allow us to analyze vast amounts of data and pinpoint relevant details that could easily be missed in manual reviews. This means your understanding of a property's condition is no longer confined to pre-catastrophe data. Instead, you gain access to a dynamic picture that changes as the situation on the ground evolves, providing you with the detailed, up-to-the-minute information necessary to make critical decisions with confidence. With ImpactAssessment, you are not just reacting to disaster—you are proactively managing it with precision and foresight.

Fulfilling the Insurance Promise

In the words of Adam Sturt, SVP of Data and Analytics at Kin Insurance, "Nearmap is the one source of truth that allows us to understand many attributes about a property that standard data sources may not catch." As we continually enhance our technology and expand our offerings, we aim to uphold this reputation as a reliable and indispensable “truth-on-the-ground” resource for P&C insurers.
Post-catastrophe Solutions from Nearmap is not simply about providing a service; it's about fulfilling a promise to policyholders in their most vulnerable moments. By equipping P&C insurers with accurate, timely, and detailed information, Nearmap helps you navigate through disaster seasons, generate more accurate and efficient loss estimation, and most importantly, support your customers when they need it the most.
At Nearmap, we believe in the power of imagery and intelligence to accurately represent Truth. As our world continues to confront increasing natural disasters, we are proud to be a part of the solution, helping insurers to respond more effectively and compassionately. Welcome to the future of disaster response with Post-catastrophe Solutions from Nearmap.
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