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Enhanced aerial maps for local government agencies

Dec 2020

Nearmap now offers all government agencies an unlimited number of user licenses to access 2D and 3D data offline as well as integration in public-facing applications.

Dec 2020


Unlimited data and offline access added to better meet the needs of users in government applications

SALT LAKE CITY (December 16, 2020) — Leading aerial imagery company Nearmap, announced enhancements to its product offering for all government agencies throughout North America. A key change to their public sector product offering re-aligns the focus on providing an unlimited number of user licenses, rather than data-metered plans. In addition to this key change, government agencies are able to access, at-scale, 2D, and 3D data offline, as well as display Nearmap’s imagery in public-facing applications.
“These changes come as a direct result from feedback we received from our customers in the government sector. There were clear ways we could improve our offering to better meet their needs, and this is our way of saying, ‘we hear you’,” said Brett Clark, director of Nearmap’s North American public sector. “Our job is to provide customers with the best value possible based on their individual needs, and we feel these changes will do just that. These new standards reflect our goal to continually push innovation forward in the public sector, while still meeting their core requirements.”
In 2019, Nearmap released 3D imagery including 3D viewer and 3D export. Collected at massive scale, Nearmap 3D introduces photo realistic 3D imagery with the ability for local governments to quickly export custom areas for use in platforms such as Esri, Bentley Systems, and Autodesk. This year, Nearmap released Nearmap AI allowing governments to instantly identify attributes about properties useful in the appraisal process. Solar panels and swimming pools, among dozens of other attributes, can be automatically identified and exported for use in computer-aided mass appraisal systems.
These innovations were born from extensive market research with government customers and their commercial partners. As a result, Nearmap established a dedicated government team for North America in July 2020 to streamline its offering to government customers and better address the growing needs in that market. Based on customer feedback, the phased implementation of these changes was completed shortly thereafter and now, governments focused on urban development, emergency response, appraisal, and transportation can expand their use of imagery to improve planning, construction and operations.
“This is our new normal for the public sector,” added Clark.
In addition to expanded integration options, offline access, and unlimited users and data consumption, Nearmap’s library provides some of the most accurate imagery available with updates occurring up to three times a year throughout more than 430 markets in North America. This frequency of collection allows agencies to make decisions based on conditions in their communities in near-real-time, at a fraction of the cost.
Lake County, Illinois is a county of over 700,000 people located just north of Chicago. The county's GIS and mapping team is a division of the Chief County Assessment Office. The division coordinates GIS data development, develops informative applications and provides training and support for the county-wide GIS, which directly benefits the public and many other local, state, and federal government agencies. The GIS and mapping team has created an open data portal, a cloud-based repository for all publicly available Lake County GIS datasets, applications, PDF maps, and related data. The challenge the team faced was ensuring the data was updated on a regular basis. Having access to Nearmap imagery has allowed these datasets to be updated accurately and more frequently, thereby providing users of the open data portal contemporary data they have come to rely on.
“Nearmap’s technology has been instrumental in our ability to continue operating efficiently, especially during COVID-19,” said Keith Caldwell, GIS manager for Lake County, Illinois. “We’ve been working closely with Nearmap for some time to create a solution that works for our needs, and the addition of these features is just what we have been waiting for.”
These enhancements are immediately available for new customers and are currently being rolled out to existing customers with a need for these specific features.
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