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Turning GIS and imagery data into information-driven solutions

Nov 2023

With AI and up-to-date imagery, you can create GIS solutions - like change detection and surface permeability - that save time, money and resources.

Nov 2023

Turning your GIS and Imagery Data into Information-driven Solutions

Now with AI and up-to-date imagery from Nearmap, you can create Esri based GIS solutions that save time, money and resources that help your team identify and manage changes to the built environment. With solutions such as change detection and surface permeability you can create repeatable processes and workflows that enlighten and expand the possibilities of your organization.
See how you can turn your ArcGIS tools into a solution that:
  • Can help you monitor progress and compliance on your project
  • Can simplify digitizing impermeable surfaces and building footprints, and streamline processes to help calculate surface permeability city wide and be able to drill down parcel by parcel
  • Can be a source for identifying taxable changes and increasing taxable revenue


  • Erika Bocian - Senior Technical Consultant - Built Environment/AEC at Esri
  • Steve Santovasi - Director of Product Marketing, Nearmap
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