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Your perfect GIS system with aerial mapping data

Apr 2023

Learn how one GIS administrator invested in better, high-resolution imagery to provide current and historical data to help the team be more efficient.

Apr 2023

Build Confidence and Curate Solutions for Your Perfect GIS System

Where do you start when creating the perfect GIS system for your organization?
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) district in south central Texas made the decision to invest in a GIS solution that would help their departments gain better access to imagery that could transform their department workflows. The GIS Administrator, Mysti Downing, knew she needed high-resolution imagery that could provide current and historical data to help their team, engineers, and operators perform at a more efficient level.
In a short period of time and on a limited budget, Mysti created and developed a GIS program utilizing top of the line products, ensuring her team is equipped with the best up-to-date imagery and tools to eliminate manual and field data collection.
Learn how you can create a GIS system that works for your team!
Mysti Downing
GIS Administrator, Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Mysti Downing is the GIS Administrator for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) in beautiful central Texas. She has over 16 years of experience developing and promoting the use of innovative GIS and data science technologies in water resources for regional government, non-profit and consulting. In her current role at GBRA, she is responsible for creating the vision and managing all aspects of the agency’s Enterprise GIS program, which helps to ensure operational excellence, business continuity and successful communication and collaboration for water & wastewater utility operations, engineering, environmental science and water quality protection, and other agency initiatives including parks & recreation, education and a newly launched asset management program.