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Property data for fire risk assessment
Fire Risk AI

Determine Wildfire Risk with Precision

Make better-informed property-level wildfire risk assessments of current and potential residential and commercial policies.

Bush Creek Fire | Columbia-Shuswap, BC, CA

Industry-leading Property Insights

Powered by industry-leading high-resolution aerial imagery, Fire Risk AI provides the timely, detailed, and comprehensive AI-derived property data needed to make the best decisions to mitigate and manage risk.

Fire risk property data
Nearmap AI High Vegetation | Pleasanton, CA, U.S.

More Accurate Understanding of Fire Risk

As vegetation grows and conditions change, fire scores quickly become outdated. With AI-derived risk factors based on frequently updated, high-quality imagery, policy underwriters can make more accurate risk assessment decisions powered by timely information.

Fire Risk Assessment Data and AI
Fire Risk AI Buffer Zones | Paradise Valley, AZ, U.S.

Deeper Property Insights

Conduct deeper analysis of a properties defensible space with an unmatched collection of more than 15 AI-derived risk factors, 3D data, and 3rd party data across multiple data sources.

*This is a visual representation only. Actual data is delivered in a CSV format. 

Accurate fire risk assessment

Faster Decisions for Accurate Risk Assessment

Data from multiple resources available in a single CSV delivered by API means your analysis just got more informed without additional time.

Complete and Transparent Fire Risk Data

Go beyond the simple risk scores from other companies and gain a comprehensive picture of the wildfire risk potential. More than 15 defensible space factors across distances up to 300 feet, combined with 3D data and a macro view of third-party data, gives carriers deeper insights to make faster, more accurate policy decisions.

Fire Risk AI Assessment

Defensible Space Factors & Distances

  • Defensible space factors include more than 15 elements - vegetation, debris, decking, presence of water and more
  • Risk factors identified at distances from 0-300 feet of a property
3D Topography Data

3D Topography Data

  • Slope, elevation and aspect at building centroids
  • Terrain Ruggedness Index
  • Topographic Position Index
  • Directional Slopes
Fire Risk Data

Integrated Third-party Fire Risk Data

  • USDA Wildfire Hazard Potential
  • USFS Wildland Urban
Nearmap for post-catastrophe response aerials and data
Mill Fire | Weed, CA, U.S.

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