2019 Highlights

Experience our very first Nearmap NAVIG8.

See Nearmap AI and Nearmap 3D in action, learn from industry-leaders and get hands-on access to the most cutting-edge location technology that’s changing the way we view the world. Watch to experience why here at Nearmap, we think the sky’s the future.

Nearmap NAVIG8 2019 Highlights

Whether you’re pitching for a project, managing infrastructure, or future proofing the city of tomorrow, what’s true is more than a matter of opinion. It’s a physical reality. Learn how our customers and partners utilize this detail at all levels - at scale, through time, during a project and end-to-end in their workflows.

See Nearmap AI technology in action, hear from customers and experts, learn from industry thought leaders and get hands-on with cutting-edge location technology.

Keynote Session

Welcome to Nearmap NAVIG8 2019

Nearmap CEO, Rob Newman, sets the scene for NAVIG8 Sydney with a look back at our roots as a Perth-founded imagery startup, and the innovations that have allowed us to build our newest location intelligence tools. What makes Nearmap uniquely positioned to build the location technology of the future?

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Other Planery Sessions

Inside the Nearmap Capture Program

​​From clouds to air traffic restrictions, stitching together a mosaic of the world comes with unique challenges. See how we navigate these to deliver updated, crystal-clear aerial imagery.

The Future of 3D

As 3D data drives how many decisions are made, our CTO Dr. Tom Celinski unveils how we’re advancing our 3D reality models to help you see the world in new and innovative ways.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

At the click of a button, Nearmap AI delivers verifiable insights from the latest high-res imagery. Hear from our Senior Director of AI Systems, as he explores our vision for the product.

Informed by Location: Industry Panel

Nearmap Chief Marketing Officer, Harvey Sanchez, leads a panel with Stefan Jarnason, Solar Analytics; Steve Fox, Architectus; and Ciaran Hennessy, Lendlease.  The leading experts discuss the impact of the newest location technologies like 3D and AI, and how this will reshape the way industries like solar, engineeering, and property development approach planning and management.

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Deep Dive Workshops

MapBrowser Masters

Our flagship web application, MapBrowser, serves as a central hub to access the latest aerial views. Become a master in the platform, and get answers to the most-asked questions.

3D Deep Dive

How do you use our 3D reality models? Learn best practices for exporting Nearmap 3D into your preferred GIS/CAD application, and see how to leverage the sharpest 3D insights to analyze and plan smarter.

API Access

Get the latest updates on our suite of APIs and learn how to efficiently integrate Nearmap into your third-party or proprietary application. Plus, get a preview of what's coming for our brand-new, much friendlier WMS.

Artificial Intelligence

What if local governments could identify properties with a pool in seconds? What if you could monitor tree overhang over time throughout an entire suburb? You can, with verifiable insights, at scale — that’s Nearmap AI.

Nearmap NAVIG8 2019: The Best Bits

Introducing Nearmap 3D

We've done with 3D what we did with 2D: make it easily accessible through a simple subscription model that puts 23,000 km² and 99,000 mi² of 3D at your fingertips in a cloud-based web app. Get a glimpse of our global 3D footprint and start exploring.

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Introducing Nearmap AI

How have our cities evolved since 2007 — the first year Nearmap began capturing? Watch what happens when we unleash our AI algorithms across 1 million km² of imagery to discover how the urban landscape has changed in the past decade.

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High resolution image of Calera, Alabama
Jan 2021 | Calera, AL, US

Live and Virtual Events

Whether the events are in-person or hosted virtually, as a large conference or webinar, aerial image technology can help to change the way you work.

Learn more about Nearmap at any of the upcoming or past industry events.

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