Landscaping aerial image gardens in suburban Sacramento, California

Aerial Property Views, Landscape Services & Pest Control

Frequently updated aerial maps are sharper than satellite, and more reliable than drones. Plan and design landscape projects with precision.

Feb 2020 | Sacramento, CA

Remotely View More, With Fewer Costly Site Visits

Every moment on the road detracts from your bottom line, while crystal-clear aerial imagery allows you to perform virtual visits with accurate measurements. 

High resolution, leaf-off aerial imagery clearly shows the available area and building outlines, and helps landscape architects design with greater precision. So park the truck, and get to business!

Landscaping project with measurements in Mapbrowser, Payson, Utah
Apr 2020 | Payson, UT

Measure Distance or Area Within Seconds

Whether you're using a specialty design platform like AutoCAD or scanning landscape site locations in MapBrowser, high definition aerial imagery lets you precisely measure distance, area, and more.
Landscaping aerial oblique image landscaping in Atlanta Georgia
Jan 2020 | Atlanta, GA

Spot Current Landscape Work

Scan entire neighborhoods in minutes. Initiate early contact with landowners or developers and win new business. Properties may be viewed from multiple angles, and our historical imagery archive shows additional landscaping perspective over time.
Aerial image of new housing construction in Durham, North Carolina
May 2020 | Durham, NC

Estimate with Greater Speed and Accuracy

Speed up your proposal process, and quote far more landscaping jobs per week. Precisely measure area, distance, and height to project material and labor costs. Stunning aerial imagery makes it real, and helps close your sale.
Clear aerial image of landscaping and construction in Fargo, North Dakota
Aug 2019 | Fargo, ND

Work Through Winter

Nearmap’s updated imagery enables year-round lead generation, remote site inspections, breakthrough landscape architecture, and accurate estimating with snow-free imagery. Best of all, you can make the most of winter from your own (warm) office.
High resolution aerial image of the Missouri Botanic Gardens in St Louis, Missouri
Sep 2019 | St Louis, MI

Identify Early Opportunities

Fresh imagery is delivered to you within days of capture. Our historical archive and current imagery allow you to view change over time, and identify new developments when land is first cleared. Be the early bird, and deliver stunning proposals for new commercial or residential landscaping.

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