Oblique utilities image of industrial plant in Springdale, Pennsylvania

Keep Things Flowing: Aerial Photography of Utility Assets

Water, electricity, waste, and environmental utilities use high resolution aerial photo maps to track infrastructure, deploy crews efficiently, and respond quickly to service interruptions.

Feb 2020 | Springdale, PA

Q: How Many Service Managers Does it Take to Monitor an Entire Utility Network?

A: One. View a single service area or an entire region from your laptop, tablet, or phone in just a few minutes. Because our imagery is updated regularly, you know you’re looking at a reliable version of what’s really on the ground — much more current than even the latest satellite map. Plan maintenance activity and remain agile when issues arise, with the right tools to mitigate utility risk. 

Utilities surveying aerial image of pipes in Endicott, New York
Apr 2020 | Endicott, NY

Keep Ground Assets Firmly in Your Sights

Track large utility inventories: Remotely scan and measure hundreds of miles of water mains or electricity lines from your desk.

Use historical imagery to monitor vegetation growth and understand potential risk to power lines or other vulnerable infrastructure.

High-resolution aerial basemaps of water utility in Naperville, IL - 12 Mar. 2019
Mar 2019 | Naperville, IL, USA

Plan intelligently with reliable geospatial Data

Determine demand for new infrastructure by tracking urban development with historical imagery and overlaying Census and cadastral data. 

Map the location of required infrastructure, including water mains and sewerage pipelines, without making multiple site visits or intruding on customers’ time and property.

Jun 2017 | Cleveland, OH, USA
Apr 2019 | Cleveland, OH, USA

Nip Environmental Problems in the Bud

Monitor vegetation health to understand the need for on-site contamination investigation and testing.

Inspect imagery from multiple dates to spot illegal dumping by detecting changes in terrain and elevation.

3D aerial measurements for public infrastructure, Portland, OR - 2 Sept. 2018
Sep 2018 | Portland, OR, USA


Quickly resolve customer disputes by reviewing imagery for clues about water usage (such as unusually green lawns in times of drought) or to identify exactly when damage to a property occurred.

Instantly visualize service outages or other issues by overlaying data on top of current, measurable imagery.

Aerial utility image of power lines in Nutley, New Jersey
Feb 2020 | Nutley, NJ


Accurately plan routes and shuffle vehicle assignments for duty cycle and dynamic factors like downtime or preventative maintenance. 

Actively deploy crews during critical events by providing them with exact geo-coordinates and current information about site access and obstructions, along with mobile access to Nearmap in the field. 

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Combine our orthogonal imagery with high-res Measurable Obliques to measure the heights of buildings, towers, tanks, and substations, measure roof pitch and area, and view specific locations from multiple directional aspects. 

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High-res oblique aerial measurements of residential home in Leesburg, VA - February 5, 2019
Orthographic aerial view of Las Vegas, NV cul-de-sac with solar homes and one under construction -- 5 July 2018
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Qualifying an Additional 1-3k Homes Per Week

New Jersey based company Momentum Solar increased their prospecting at an incredible rate with Nearmap.

oblique utility aerial of rail bridges in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Feb 2020 | Pittsburgh, PA

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