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Unify GIS content and Nearmap imagery

Enhance your spatial analysis capabilities by connecting your Esri ArcGIS REST Services with MapBrowser via GeoData Link.
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Combined power

Use GeoData Link as an ArcGIS connector to bring REST Services into MapBrowser, delivering optimal insights.

Remote access

Tap into your GIS data layers remotely from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Visual accuracy

Compare change with current and historical high-resolution imagery in MapBrowser.


Power up your GIS productivity

Bring your hosted GIS data from ArcGIS into MapBrowser with GDL to overlay and analyze multiple location intelligence dataset layers.


Improve assessment accuracy

With GeoData Link, inspect every detail of your parcel data from multiple angles to ensure assessed values are equitable and accurately measured.


Integrate with ease

With organization-wide access, all departments can view and upload datasets to view and analyze in MapBrowser.


The bridge between imagery, GIS and AI

Enhanced integration

Overlay internal or publicly available GIS layers over current and historic imagery datasets.

Leverage GeoData Link to seamlessly integrate point, line, and polygon features from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.

Leverage Nearmap AI alongside your hosted GIS data to gain further clarity on your area of interest.

Nearmap GeoData Link in action

Government agencies

Streamline decision-making processes with seamless integration of GIS layers for comprehensive insights.

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Emergency services

Revolutionize disaster response by overlaying critical GIS data on high-resolution imagery.

AEC developments

Integrate project-specific GIS layers to streamline project planning and enhance designs with MapBrowser imagery.

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Utlitize GeoData Link to understand properties, expedite risk assessments and claims with property-specific GIS layers.

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Optimize solar project plans by integrating GIS layers for more accurate site assessments, and to visualize potential shading.

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Understand utility infrastructure and assets with greater detail through GIS data insights.

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