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Property Intelligence Brings More Data to Insurance Carriers

Nov 2023

Nearmap announces advancements for insurance property intelligence to make accurate, up-to-date property information more accessible to all insurers.

Nov 2023


The Betterview platform is the now the primary solution for the Insurance industry at Nearmap.

Salt Lake City, UT November 1, 2023 — Nearmap, a leading location intelligence and aerial imagery solutions provider, today announced new advancements in its effort to make accurate, up-to-date property information more accessible to all insurers through the launch of its new product, Nearmap PropertyVision (now the Betterview platform*).
With Nearmap PropertyVision (now Betterview*), physical property reviews are transformed into an easy-to-use web application, delivering extensive analytics data all in one place. The online platform marks a shift from physical to virtual— augmenting market-leading APIs for data scientists and automated pre-fill applications. This innovation allows carriers to engage in detailed property reviews through sharp aerial imagery and AI-derived property insights, making it possible for carriers to make more timely, educated decisions about the properties they insure.
This new interface makes data more accessible to underwriters and adjustors, not just the data science department—ensuring access to key data points including current and historical aerial imagery, roof condition scores, industry-leading post-catastrophe aerial imagery and AI data.
The release of PropertyVision (Betterview*) comes on the heels of several insurance-focused property innovations from Nearmap, allowing for greater accessibility to the most up-to-date property intelligence insights for insurers. These innovations include:

Nearmap Fire Risk AI

  • Nearmap Fire Risk AI helps insurers rapidly assess and understand the fire vulnerability of a given property. Carriers can rely on Nearmap Fire Risk AI to understand property vulnerability and inform wildfire risk assessments. Powered by Nearmap imagery, the solution provides insurers with information on the defensible space related to 15+ property attributes—including vegetation, bodies of water, wooden decking, 3D data and third-party data from the USDA and USGS.

Nearmap ImpactAssessment AI

  • ImpactAssessment AI facilitates detailed examinations of property conditions post-disaster by providing insurers with a robust collection of AI-derived condition and damage data attributes on specified properties. Insurers can use the data—including roof damage, temporary and permanent repairs, structural damage, debris, wreckage, and more—to analyze and assess vast amounts of incoming post-catastrophe claims more quickly and accurately.

Advanced AI Viewer

  • Users can now utilize Nearmap MapBrowser to view AI features as raster and vector layers, enabling them to experience the full power of the 500+ AI attributes without IT support or API integration.
Nearmap will be showcasing these property innovations at ITC in Las Vegas, NV on October 31-November 2. To learn more, come see us at ITC Vegas booth 3128.
*Betterview is the now the primary solution for the Insurance industry at Nearmap.
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