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How Do We Keep Our Customers Happy?

May 2022
Kyle Pelecky

Kyle Pelecky VP of Customer Experience talks about how Betterview keeps customers happy

May 2022
Kyle Pelecky

Since this post was originally published, Betterview was acquired by Nearmap. References to Betterview, the company, or its products have been maintained for historical accuracy. Betterview is now the primary solution for the insurance industry at Nearmap.
I have been in the insurance industry for many years. During that time, I have worked in a variety of positions, including as an underwriter, manager, and director. When I started at Betterview as Director of Value Consulting, I drew on those experiences to help customers get as much as possible from using our product. I knew firsthand the pain points of P&C insurers and underwriters, and I believed that Betterview was in a unique position to solve those challenges. Essentially, I was making sure our platform was actually working for our customers.
Now I am starting another new role as the Vice President of Customer Experience. In some ways, though, my job has not changed. Fundamentally my focus has remained the same: making sure that our customers are happy. If I were still an underwriter, what would I want out of a partnership with Betterview? What could they do to make my job easier, and how would I want to interact with the team? These are questions I think about every day. After all, as powerful as our technology may be, it can only be considered successful if our customers are eager and happy to use it.
Under the umbrella of Customer Experience fall a few categories: customer support, customer experience, and value consulting:
  • Customer Support: This covers day-to-day questions that our platform users might run into. With a combination of automated support, videos and tutorials in our help center, and on-call representatives, we make sure that all user questions are quickly solved. 
  • Customer Success: Customer success looks at the bigger picture, ensuring that all our customers have a positive experience with Betterview and achieve maximum value from the platform over time. We hold regular meetings to answer questions about use cases, inform customers about new platform features, and make sure that Betterview is meeting all of their business needs. 
  • Value Consulting: Value consulting ties together onboarding and customer success, helping new customers to determine the best way to maximize ROI with our platform. This includes use case development, as every insurer has their own business needs. Fortunately, our platform is extremely flexible and customizable. Value consulting ensures that the Betterview platform is perfectly tuned to solve the unique challenges of each customer. 
Together, these three initiatives accomplish the vital task of keeping our customers happy. When they have a problem using the platform, customer support is readily available to help (our median customer support response time is 1 minute and 6 seconds.) When an insurer wants to discuss a new feature that could help them better manage property risk, Customer Success is right there to discuss it with them (we regularly introduce new features based on customer feedback!) All of this is empowered by Value Consulting, who help insurers keep their eyes on the prize of improving expense ratios, driving down losses, and better engaging with their policyholders.
Another feature of the Betterview platform designed to keep our customers happy is PartnerHub, our marketplace for third-party property intelligence. With PartnerHub, users can integrate data from trusted industry brands such as Canopy Weather, HazardHub, RedZone, and more. Working with our team, customers can decide which customized data fields they want from each partner based on their specific business needs. The Betterview platform then makes it easy to flag properties based on these data points without any IT resources on the customer side. Processes that once may have taken several days and relied on multiple, incompatible platforms can now be done in less than fifteen minutes on a single, easy-to-use UI. Watch the video below to see how simple it is for our team to create with you a PartnerHub data card with customizable data fields.
Keeping people happy is never a simple task, but I think my team has done a great job so far. Our recent NPS survey returned a score of 21, well above the industry average of 13.5 for software providers. We have also achieved an average 96.3% CSAT score for post-support engagement. Our customer help center has also greatly improved the efficiency of customer support, as over 50% of inquiries are now resolved via self-service. As our platform evolves and our company grows, there will always be more opportunities to best meet the needs of our customers. I am confident that my team will continue to rise to this challenge, helping insurers to accelerate decisioning and better manage risk.
To learn more about how Betterview helps insurers predict and prevent losses and drive down expenses while still keeping customers happy, schedule a demo today!
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